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Improving Adult ADHD Lives By Phone ADHD Coaching & Resources Since 2003

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  • Are you working hard but often not getting the most important things done?
  • Do you find it easy to start new projects but have trouble finishing them?
  • Is procrastination a problem in your life that's causing you too much stress?
  • Do people complain you often over promise and under deliver?
  • Are you open and willing to change, and ready to take action to learn how to manage adult ADHD more effectively?

My name is Pete Quily and I have ADHD. Diagnosed three times. Some doctors don't trust other doctors knowledge of ADHD. Lots of evidence for that:)

I'm a professional Adult ADHD coach. I've helped hundreds of ADHD adults since 2003 on 5 continents through phone coaching.

My ADHD clients are very creative and full of ideas. But often get frustrated, overloaded, and overwhelmed by the many problems & stressors of living with ADHD.

I help them reduce the frustration, stress, and overwhelm. By helping them learn how to manage ADHD more effectively & develop the advantages of ADHD.

My clients have less struggle and stress, get more done with less effort, & have greater piece of mind.

Please have a look at some of the problems I help my ADHD clients with. See some of the benefits of ADHD coaching, explore a bit about what ADHD coaching might have to offer you.

An experience is worth a million words.


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Explore the many free resources on Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on my 180+ page website. I self-medicate my ADHD through information and learning.


90% of Adults with ADHD don't know they have it. Underdiagnosis is the norm, not the exception. Try Harvard's 5 minute Adult ADHD Screening Test

What Is One Thing You Want Non-ADHD Adults To Know About Adult ADHD? Explain It Here, Anonymously Or Full Name.


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