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Helping ADHD adults by coaching and info since 2003

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Pete's been featured in ADDitude Magazine, CBC, Global TV, Globe And Mail and more

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Your Free 30-Minute Adult ADHD Coaching Session 


Some benefits of working with me to learn how to better manage your ADHD:

  • Reduce frequent frustration
  • Reduce overload and overwhelm
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce clutter and chaos
  • Increase productivity
  • Less nagging and less relationship conflicts 
  • Get more peace of mind

As Seen In:

  • ADDitude Magazine
  • CBC
  • Global TV
  • City TV
  • Globe and Mail 
  • BC Business Magazine 
  • Vancouver Sun
  • The Georgia Straight 
  • CKNW
  • News 1130

Since 2003, hundreds of people like me; adults with ADHD on 4 continents have hired me as their ADHD coach to learn how to become more effective in managing their ADHD related problems in their businesses, at work and in their personal lives.

If you're an adult with ADHD in the work force or an entrepreneur and are serious about thinking differently and taking action to learn how to manage your ADHD problems at work and in your personal life more effectively, I offer a free 30-minute sample session of ADHD coaching.

How does the sample ADHD coaching session work?

You pick one very specific big problem or big goal that is really important to you related to ADHD in your work or personal life, one, not five:) and I coach you on that specific problem or goal.

I work together with you to get you crystal clear on your desired outcome, and help you create a non-overwhelming, doable plan to get you to where you want to go.

We also identify possible obstacles and find ways you can overcome those obstacles.

Call Pete at 604-263-6997 to schedule your free 30-minute ADHD coaching sample session. If you don't have JavaScript, email me at pete AT


Results my adult ADHD coaching clients get

"Through my coaching with Pete, I gained insight to my behaviour, and began to take control of my life back. He gave me achievable tasks to get me on the right track, encouragement, education, and a no nonsense approach to taking responsibility for myself.

My ADD is sometimes my greatest strength, but left unmanaged, it can also be my greatest liability. I am now in a place where I feel much more in control of myself, and I am a happier, more balanced person. And my husband is a happier person too!

Coaching is an investment in 'you', and I would highly recommend Pete Quily for anyone with ADD. Or anyone who may need a coach (life stresses to work stresses to simply someone to help you get to the next level). He has helped make an enormous difference in my life.

Alexis Whiting


"I am gratefully living with the improvements Pete has coached me towards:  improved time management at work and my personal life, better organization of daily tasks which included improved handling of household bills ( I used to despise dealing with them), and he explains the phenomenon of ADD in terms that anyone can understand.

Thank you again for your humanity and understanding, I now live without the fear that ADD had over me for years."

Liam M.


"I may never be able to properly express my thankfulness to you.  You have helped me understand myself and my brain.  I have learned so much about brain wiring and how to manage my under stimulated brain.  I believe I have grown since our first call.

I feel so much more confident in my day to day activities.  My family has seen a change and my wife is less frustrated with me.  I owe that to you, and I appreciate your insights in my life.  

I now have a foundation to work from and I know now where to go for resources as I grow and understand myself.

ADD is now a part of my life, not the secret shame I believed it to be.  I now proudly embrace ADD and actively learn new ways to balance my brains wiring and my surroundings.


Call Pete at 604-263-6997 to schedule your free 30-minute ADHD coaching sample session. If you don't have JavaScript, email me at pete AT



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