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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Extra Resources on ADHD Coaching from Pete Quily's CHADD Calgary Presentation, March 6th, 2010



I did a presentation on ADHD Coaching - One Size Never Fits All for CHADD Calgary's 12 annual ADHD conference, ADHD See It Through My Eyes, March 2012. Here are some extra resources for the participants as promised.

Thanks to the CHADD Calgary board and volunteers who made this event possible. Also thanks to the person who volunteered for the sample ADHD coaching session.

More info on ADHD coaching on my website here

The ADHD Coaches Organization has a lot of information about ADHD coaching

Ways To Find An ADHD Coach

Your ADHD friends, live or online
Local ADHD support group
Doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist who is familiar with ADHD
Google “ADD Coach” or “ADHD Coach”
The ADHD Coaches Organization

ADHD Coaching Doesn’t Deal With

Depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions
Issues from your past, unresolved childhood issues
Healing of emotional or psychological issues

Some ADHD Coaching Schools

ADD Coach Academy

American Coaching Association

Linda Anderson's ADHD Advanced Coach Training 

Sandy Maynard's Catalytic Coaching

ADHD Coaching Book

The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain To Take Control Of Your Time, Tasks, And Talents by Nancy Ratey

Some ADHD Websites

ADDA - Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Association

ADDitude Magazine

Dr. Ed Hallowell's Website

ADHD and Marriage blog


Some Blogs By ADHD Coaches


ADHD and ADD Coaching for Adults

Adult Add Strengths

Experiencing ADDvantages

Global Creative

Map the Future

My ADD / ADHD Blog

Thinky Think

Pete’s Personal Change Tips For ADHD Adults

Things ADDers & those around them often underestimate at their peril

Shame is a huge problem for ADDers
Guilt is a close second
Self esteem is a bigger problem than both
Perfectionism prevents completion
One size never fits all, but that delusion causes a lot of struggle & suffering

Taking Action

Start small
Start easy
Start doable
Start measurable, and measure
Schedule reminders to start
Stretch your comfort level but don’t break it

If you don’t start, don’t start beating yourself up. Judgement + self condemnation = shut down
If you don’t start, get curious instead. Curiosity opens you up, and makes your more resourceful

Set a specific time for doing something, especially a new habit
Reward yourself for doing right
Delegate, pay, barter or stop doing your most boring tasks if possible
What are you willing to say not to, to be able to say yes to doing that new thing?

Do you have some of the problems I help my adult ADHD coaching clients with?



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