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International ADHD Support Group Links

Here's a list of English speaking International ADHD Support Group directories and country specific ADD support groups.

Please note: Adult ADHD coach Pete Quily provides this for informational purposes and does not endorse or recommend any specific group. I also have listings of Canadian ADHD Support Groups, as well as US ADHD Support Groups. Meeting places and time vary. Please contact the group to confirm places and times.

If there is no support group in your area, consider starting an ADHD support group.

If one of these groups has changed their contact information and you want it updated please let me know.


International ADHD Support Groups

Country Specific Support Groups (English Speaking Ones)

UK ADHD Support Groups Israeli ADHD Support Groups
Irish ADHD Support Groups Cyprus ADHD Support Groups
Malta ADHD Support Groups United Arab Emirates ADHD Support Groups
Australian ADHD Support Groups South African ADHD Support Groups
New Zealand ADHD Support Groups  


International ADHD Support Group Listings

British site but has many international links. Click on support groups and chose the flag you prefer.


LD Online International Groups

Lists various International ADHD + LD support groups by Country


Non Tradition Groups

"Find Attention Deficit Disorder Groups Near You. Meet other local people dealing with ADD and ADHD. Gather to share your experiences, progress, and thoughts with one another."

The main site is It's an informal way for people in a specific area who are interested in a particular topic to just meet on a monthly basis in a place like a coffee shop or bar and talk about their topic of choice. I wouldn't really call it a support group per se but more like a chat group that's live. Go search by country then city. They have groups all over the world. 240 ADD meetup groups in 22 countries worldwide.




UK ADHD Support Groups

British site, very detailed and comprehensive. Click on Support Groups and chose England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


Adult Attention Deficit Disorder UK

A UK site focusing specifically on Adults with ADHD




Irish ADHD Support Groups

HADD Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group

Family Support Group. Have a list of ADHD support groups in Ireland and other ADHD Resources

Carmichael Centre For Voluntary Groups
Carmichael House,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7
Tel:01 8748349




Malta ADHD Support Groups

ADHD Family Support Group Malta

For Family members of children with ADHD
Jamie Matthew Mercieca
Tel: 21 233749


Gozo Support Group (Malta)

Teresa Attard
Tel: 2215 6882



Australian ADHD Support Groups

Comprehensive List of Australian ADHD Support Groups

by States and Territories by Kerry Cooney Map list of Australian ADHD Support Groups


Learning Difficulties Coalition NSW Inc

PO Box 140 Westmead NSW
Phone: (02) 9806 9960


ADDults with ADHD (NSW)

PO Box 22
Epping NSW 1710


HyperActivity Attention Deficit Association NSW

Room 15, 29 Bertram St
Phone: (02) 9411 2186


Canberra & Queanbeyan ADD Support Group

PO Box 717


Learning & Attentional Disorders Society of WA (INC) (LADS)

The Niche, Suite B,
11 Aberdare Road
Telephone - (08) 9346-7544




New Zealand ADHD Support Groups

National Organizations

ADHD.ORG.NZ -New Zealand's Online ADHD Support Group

You can find out what other groups and services are in your town via our map of New Zealand


Kapiti ADHD/ADD Support Group

Meets at 8 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu Beach, Wellington New Zealand
Rachel Murray (secretary)




Israeli ADHD Support Groups


Parents of ADHD children
and adults with ADHD
Jabotinsky 12
(03) 579 7004



ESRA for LD and ADHD
Support groups
for parents of children
with Learning Disabilities (LD)
and ADHD
Judith Scwhartz, (09) 772 9888
Patricia Reif, 051 274 767, (09) 898 5538
Hotline: Judith, Patricia, Susan, 0523 806 892,
(09) 771 7947
Parents of teenagers,
Regine (09) 771 3398


Israeli ADHD/LD Yahoo email group

This online group is designed to discuss all facets of helping children (and parents of children) who are have ADD, ADHD or LD in Israel. 170 members. You could join the online group and ask where a local group near you is.




Cyprus ADHD Support Groups


P.O. Box 12187, 2341 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +357-22446592, Mobile: +357-99651995, Fax: +357-22446593




UAE United Arab Emirates ADHD Support Group

Reach!.. ADD/ADHD ADULTs Support Group in UAE - United Arab Emirates

A dedicated Support Group for Adults with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) living in United Arab Emirates




South African ADHD Support Groups

ADHASA Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Support Group of Southern Africa

Head Office: Delta Park School, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng

If you'd like some help in learning the skills to manage the practical daily problems of having Adult ADHD more effectively, check out the benefits of Adult ADHD Coaching over the phone to see how I might be useful for you.




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