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ADHD and Relationships Articles

ADHD and Relationships: Communication is the Key!

Two therapists talk about how ADD can affect relationships and give some practical suggestions to increase effective communication.


Fatherhood and ADHD

By Patrick J. Kilcarr, Ph.D and Patricia O. Quinn, M.D. Talks about how to understand raise and discipline your child with ADD.


Feeling Ignored - The Non-ADHD Spouse Dilemna

By Melissa Orlov. So, what does it feel like to be married to a person with ADHD when you do not have it yourself? What are some of the basic patterns? Here's an overview of the cycle


For Men with ADHD Who Aren't Convinced it Matters

By Melissa Olov. At least two men I can think of who have ADHD say they wish someone (other than their wives) had “hit them upside the head” with information that would convince them that their ADHD was causing real problems. They could have saved themselves divorce (in both cases), many personal problems and saved their wives a great deal of hurt. So here’s one attempt at doing just that


25 Quick Tips On ADD in Couples

By Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. As the title sounds.


How Untreated ADHD Can Affect Our Relationships

By Gina Pera. This list of most-problematic "hot spots"—again, primarily found among those refusing diagnosis and treatment—is not for the faint of heart.


How Adult ADHD Affects Relationships: Strategies for Coping

By Melinda White. She talks about the different ways ADHD can impact relationships and lists several strategies to cope with it.


ADHD and Codependency

By Kathy J. Marshack White. Some with ADHD have underdeveloped social skills, the major one being empathy. The way the spouse of the ADHD partner often copes with this lack of empathy is to become codependent which leads to micromanagement


ParentCop vs. ParentCoach: Repairing The Tear In Parenting Styles

By Dr. Steven Richfield. Talks about a different way to parent. "Parentcops are too quick to haul kids in for questioning, sentencing, and punishing. Yelling, idle threats of very serious consequences, and other intimidation tactics also fall within the reactionary repertoire of parentcops. But interestingly, I've found that too much of the parentcop approach usually backfires: it actually produces more rule breaking on the part of kids because of the reservoir of anger that policing leaves inside of them."


For Children Who Have ADHD, The Parents Are 24 Times More Likely To Have ADHD Themselves During Childhood

Treatments for children with ADHD rely heavily on the help and support of the parents, so the problems of those parents can interfere with the improvement of the children. "Parents are really critical in terms of delivering treatments to their children," says Chronis. "When parents are feeling ineffective as parents or when they're experiencing depression, children respond less optimally to treatment. As the child is more challenging, the parent tends to feel less capable and less effective. They're less able to implement the types of constraints that would make the child most successful in their environment, and so the child then acts out and escalates their behavior, which leads the parent to feel more and more ineffective.


Relationship Issues for Adults with ADHD

By Robert M. Tudisco. An ADD male living whose been married for nearly eleven years to "the most NON of the non-AD/HD spouses" talks about some of the issues ADDers may face.


Solutions for Intimacy Problems for Adults with ADHD

By Richard B. Austin, Jr., Ph.D. The following three communication problems will be addressed: (1) not listening, (2) interrupting, and (3) not keeping promises. Probably the single most important issue to address is active, careful listening with a feedback loop to make sure the listener "gets" the speaker's message.




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