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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Free Adult ADHD Resources

I self medicate my ADHD with dopamine boosting information and learning.

180 + pages of information on my website below, even more on my 2 blogs, Adult ADD Strengths. and BCADHD Enjoy.

What is ADD / ADHD?

How can I find out if I / relative/ friend has ADD /ADHD?

Articles on Specific Problem Areas for ADHD Adults

How to Manage ADHD

Stress Section

Additional Resources

ADHD Support Groups

Vancouver BC Area ADHD Resources


What is ADD / ADHD?

Symptoms of ADD, Diagnosis and Treatment

Experiences of ADD

Advantages of ADD

Challenges of ADD

151 Positive Characteristics of ADDers

Does ADHD Really Exist?

Famous Living Confirmed People with ADHD

ADHD and Your Brain, the neurobiology of ADHD

Definitions of ADD Comorbid or Co-Existing Conditions




How can I find out if I / relative/ friend has ADD / ADHD?

Take the free 5 minute Harvard Adult ADHD Screener Test




Articles on Specific Problem Areas for ADHD Adults

Relationships and ADHD

ADHD and Addictions

ADD and Emotions

ADHD at Work

Teaching Students with Attention Deficit Disorder. links to 57 articles and Ebooks




How to Manage Adult ADHD

How to manage various ADHD problems. Notes from my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group meetings, From 2004 to today

Adult ADHD Coaching Articles

Medications for ADHD

ADHD Medication Company Websites

Complementary Treatments

Time Management



Stress Section

Stress and Stress Relief Articles and Links

How to Stay Stressed




Additional Resources

ADHD Resources for Medical Professionals

Communications Skills Books and Articles for People With ADD

ADD and Related Links

ADD Books

Women with ADD

Ed Hallowell's Seattle ADHD Speech Notes

A Cure for Worrying

Jeff's Story Getting Started One Adder's inspiring personal story




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