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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Adult ADHD Screening Test for Symptoms of ADHD

Advantages of ADD

151 Positive Characteristics of ADDers
Challenges for People with Attention Deficit Disorder
How to Deal with the Challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder


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Pete Quily's Bio
Your Free 30-Minute Adult ADHD Coaching Session
What Goals / Problems I Help My Adult ADHD Coaching Clients With What Pete's Clients Say About His Coaching
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The Georgia Straight January 2012
Globe and Mail October 2011
The Georgia Straight September 2011
The Vancouver Sun March 2011
The Vancouver Sun November 2010
The Georgia Straight April 09
Vancouver Sun Feb 09
Globe and Mail October 07
The Telegram- St. John's Newfoundland April 07
Metro Newspaper Toronto Edition May 06


BC Business Magazine July 2013
ADDitude Magazine Fall 2009
More Magazine Feb-March 09
Canadian Living April 07

CNN Online
March 2009
City TV Vancouver
October 04
Global TV BC January 06



News 1130 AM Radio October 16th 2013
CKNW 980 AM Radio October 14th 2013
CKNW 980 AM Radio October 23rd 2012
CKNW 980 AM Radio October 14th 2012
News 1130 AM Radio October 2012
CBC Vancouver Radio Early Edition April 2010
CBC Radio October 06
CFUN Radio Vancouver April 07
CFML 104.5 December 05

Pete's TV Interview on Adult ADD Oct. 04


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Vancouver, BC Area ADD Resources

List of Vancouver BC Area Physicians,Psychiatrists and Psychologists that have been Known to Diagnosis and Treat ADD
Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

Previous Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Meetings Notes

Metro Vancouver BC ADHD Awareness Week 2012

Metro Vancouver BC ADHD Awareness Week 2012 Photos


Vancouver, BC Area ADD Related Support Groups and Organizations

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Vancouver ADD Support Groups, Organizations
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ADD and Your Brain

My ADHD Coaching Presentation at CHADD Calgary ADHD Conference

Does ADHD Really Exist?

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How Nelson Mandela Quotes Can Inspire Adults With ADHD

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ADHD Clinical Resources for Medical Professionals

Jeff's Story Getting Started One Adder's inspiring story

Ed Hallowell's Seattle Speech Notes

Top 10 Advantages of Having ADD in a High Tech Career

Creating a Canadian ADD Awareness Day

In a Toxic Job?

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