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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Educational Guides for Teachers of ADHD Students

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Hint to teachers, if a child has ADHD, it's important the parents get screened for it too, if not for themselves, then for the benefit of their child.

If the mother or father or both are in denial or mimimization about their ADHD, they will often be in denial or mimimization about their child's ADD. Which creates worse outcomes at school and home, and it'll be harder for you to teach them.

Quick Harvard Adult ADHD Screening Test, and 10 ways to manage adult ADHD.

ADHD and Education: A Resource for Teachers

By HADD Family Support Group. Covers:

  • From the Perspective of a Child with ADD/ADHD
  • What is ADD/ADHD and how to Recognise it
  • What to Do if you Suspect a Child has ADD/ADHD
  • Getting a Diagnosis and an Educational Assessment
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Behavioural Plans
  • Strategies - How to Deal with a Child with ADD/ADHD
  • Building Self-Esteem and Inclusiveness and Promoting Social Interaction
  • Homework and links with Home
  • Medication
  • Co-Existing Conditions
  • The Positive Side of ADD/ADHD


Understanding,Teaching, And Supporting Students With ADHD

By Rosemary Tannock, PhD. Holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Special Education and Adaptive Technology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in the University of Toronto. 54 slide power point presentation.


Teaching Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A Resource Guide for Teachers

From the BC Government's Dept. of Education.


Resources for Teachers

From the National Resource Center on AD/HD. Here is a short list of books for teachers that offer strategies for working with children with Attention Deficit Disorder. They are all available in paperback and are reasonably priced


Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Instructional Strategies and Practices PDF

36 page PDF from the US Department of Education.


Facilitator's Guide on Positive Behavioral Support PDF

    This Facilitator’s Guide was developed by the staff of the Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) Project at the University of South Florida. It is designed to build capacity of school districts in positive assessment based approaches to support students with significant behavioral challenges. The project provides assistance through a number of mechanisms:

    • Various inservice training models
    • Consultation and on-site coaching
    • Information and product dissemination


A Functional Behavior Assessment Process

Explains the reasoning behind one and the practical steps on how to conduct one.


A Guide to the IEP (Individualized Education Program)

From the US department of education





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