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Topic: Self Management Relating To Time Managment.

August 2004 Meeting Notes for the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

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The topic for the August meeting was Self Management relating to Time Managment. Designing structures that help you manage yourself around issues of time.

We had one of our members, Jeff, who has been very successful in learning and applying time management techniques speak on some of the strategies he's used.

Click here to see his handout for his presentation


  • Here are some of the challenges members identified relating to time management.
  • Completion
  • Structure & completion
  • Hard to focus, get fascinated by books – completion of one book
  • Can’t start (clean, organize house)
  • Need to catch up on projects
  • Lack of focus, maintaining focus
  • Remembering to do it (time management)
  • Focus on trivial things rather than things I should
  • Keeping track of a lot of detail
  • Procrastination
  • Priorities
  • Write list to do but do not complete
  • Details – distraction – pressure on the job
  • Deviation from the plan
  • Patience to keep on track
  • Getting back on track
  • Remembering to check PDA
  • Consistency
  • Focus on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done
  • Adrenalin addiction (waiting until the last minute and using the hit)

Here are links to the handouts I gave

10 Keys To Time Management: A Guide (pdf) Environmental considerations and perspectives.

Time Management: Learning to Use a Day Planner (pdf) Great pdf from the National Resource Center on ADHD. Discusses selecting the right day planner, effective strategies for using a day planner and using a day planner for short- and long-term planning. Good for adults with attention deficit disorder but for others as well.

Also here's a link to a page I created with links to articles and websites on time management.

You can not manage time. It is one of the few things that we all get equally.We all get 168 hours in the week, whether you run a country or just your appartment. You can however manage yourself around issues of times. Self management is the key.

Traditional time management methods often do not work for people with ADD. An individualized creative approach is usually more successful, coupled with experimentation of different methods. A great book on organization in general for people with ADD is Add-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Dr. Kathleen Nadeau. I've read several books on organization and this is the best I've seen. Very ADD friendly.



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