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I help reduce the problems and the pain of ADHD and focus on the strengths.

Since 2003.

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Short Bio:

I'm a trained professional Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Coach in Vancouver, BC, Canada who has ADHD and has been coaching Adults with ADHD since 2003. I'm an ADHD advocate, lead the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and am on the board of CHADD Vancouver.

I coach entrepreneurs and working professionals with attention surplus condition aka ADHD on five continents over the phone. I self medicate with information and learning have a 180 page+ website here and a larger blog at Adult ADD Strengths.

I helped to get the first city in Canada, Vancouver, BC to declare ADHD Awareness Week

I was trained at CTI, The Coaches Training Institute and at Linda Anderson's (past president of ADDA the Attention Deficit Disorder Association) Advanced ADHD Coach Training. I'm a member of the ICF International Coaches Federation and a regular attendee of the Vancouver ICF meetings.

Here's a section on my coverage in print, radio and TV over the years.

International Coaches Federation ICF  Member The Coaches Training Institute CTI


Longer Bio:

ADHD Background


  • Have ADHD, and deal with it daily. I've often either dealt with or am currently dealing with some of the things my clients are currently having problems with. No claims to perfection.
  • Taken Linda Anderson's (current ADDA President) Advanced ADHD Coach Training.
  • Have been coaching Adults with ADHD since 2003.
  • Created and lead the non profit Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group
  • On the board of CHADD Vancouver.
  • Was on ADDA's ADD coaching policy committee
  • Keep current in my field by attending ADD conferences, teleclasses and lectures.
  • Participate in the ICF's ADHD Special Interest Group.
  • Participate in the CTI's ADHD Niche Community.
  • Have a large blog on Adult ADD called Adult ADD Strengths.
  • As you can easily tell by my website and Adult ADD Blog, I spend a great amount of time surfing the web for information on ADD putting my information and learning addiction to good use :)


Professional Training and Education


I completed my professional coach training as a Co-Active Coach at CTI, The Coaches Training Institute in 2003. They've been around for more than a decade and they train coaches worldwide. I loved the in-person, experiential way they taught coaching. I've taken Linda Anderson's (past president of ADDA) Advanced ADHD Coach Training.

I'm a member of the International Coaching Federation. I keep up to date in the coaching field by attending workshops, local coach meetings, teleclasses and devouring large sections of the web relating to coaching and ADHD coaching.

Graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Political Science, a minor in History, concentrating in International Affairs.

Made the Dean's Honours list and had one of my essay's published. I tend to get a bit irritated when I hear someone with ADHD said their doctor / psychologist / psychiatrist said to them "oh you can't have ADHD, you did OK in school."




ICF International Coaches Federation

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Founder and Leader

CHADD Vancouver (Children and Adults with ADD) Board Member


Why Do I Do This?

Assisting people in getting the most out of their lives gives me great satisfaction. Coaching is my preferred delivery method for this.

Coaching changed my life. I've experienced the life changing power of coaching, and want to use it to help other people.

Watch Pete's TV interview on the advantages and challenges of adult ADD

Coaching is my career path as an expression of my life purpose.

Coaching makes a powerful, practical difference in people's lives. I really enjoy it, it's extremely fulfilling. I get more energy at the end of the call than I had at the start, and I don't come to the call asleep.

A mission of mine is to assist other people like me with Attention Deficit Disorder and this is the best path for me to do so.

Through the adult ADHD coaching process, I can help you better understand how ADHD affects you, and collaboratively work with you so you can more effectively manage the negative aspects of Adult ADHD at work and home, so you can focus more on the positives of ADHD.

Find out how I can help you manage your ADHD and reach your goals


My 5 Signature Strengths


From Dr. Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness

  • Creativity, ingenuity, and originality 
  • Love of learning
  • Curiosity and interest in the world
  • Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith
  • Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness


Pete Quily at Freelance Camp Vancouver leading a session called Shock and Awe - How to recognize, manage and reduce being overloaded and overwhelmed at work.

Photo of me at Freelance Camp Vancouver leading a session called Shock and Awe - How to recognize, manage and reduce being overloaded and overwhelmed at work. Photo by the talented Jeremy Lim


Where I'm From


  • Born in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Lived in Ottawa, Montreal, Kamloops, and Sapporo, Japan
  • Vancouver, B.C., Canada is currently home.
  • Love travelling; been to 11 European countries, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and the US
  • Worked in the Asia Pacific sections of two international divisions of the Alberta Government

Taught ESL, listening, public speaking and cross cultural communication for 3 years in Sapporo, Japan on the northern island of Hokkaido, while learning Japanese and how the Japanese people achieve success. Later I spent 2 years teaching ESL in Vancouver. Teaching ESL was great training for coaching because you really have to develop your listening skills, especially listening for non verbal communication.

Sold Apple computers in the Vancouver area for the past 7 years. Sold to a lot of people in the creative industries, many of them exhibited the symptoms of ADHD (ADHD is often a competitive advantage in that sector). A large part of that job was being able to discover the clients need's through asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers.


Life Change


After being set free from my toxic job (loved the product, loved the customers, but did not love the toxic job environment), I got coached and took an Awakening workshop at Clearmind in Langley, BC based on A Course in Miracles. The change in my life was dramatic.

I wanted to find out what my life purpose was and what career path would express it, so took some workshops, attended lectures, talked to a lot of people, and did a lot of reading and reflection. Also worked with 2 coaches, Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Bruce Skipper, and did a 10 page Radical Clarity questionnaire (wrote 50 pages). My experience with coaching was phenomenal! I've always believed in the power of an objective outside observer to see things about ourselves that we can't notice, even before I knew what coaching was, but was really impressed with the results and insights I got from being coached.

I was so impressed with the powerful effect that coaching had on my life that I decided to become one. I go to 2 or 3 coach educational events a month as well as 2 ADD support group meetings a month and I'm continuing to learn everything about coaching that I can because it resonates with me at the bone marrow level.



Martial Arts I've enjoyed learning.



Spiritual Explorer


Some of my clients are spiritual, some are religous, some are both, some are neither. I don't force my beliefs on them and they don't force theirs on me. Different things work for different people. Otherwise we'd all be clones and that would be boring.

I like doing Yoga, Qi Gong, and various types of meditation, and am very interested in practical personal growth and spirituality (I prefer it to religion, some like one or the other, some like both and some prefer neither, each to his own) and alternative medicine. I love learning. I've met with people who I would consider to be very spiritually advanced from different spiritual traditions and notice that they often have more in common with each other than they do with people who are at the lower ends of the spiritual spectrum in their own traditions. There are many different paths up the mountain, at the base there are a lot of differences but as you go higher up there are less differences and more similarities.

I did a 10 day Vipasanna retreat (Buddhist silent retreat but a non denominational one, Christians, Jews and non religious people attend) last January near Merritt, BC. It was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. Went in with a bad back, was concerned it would totally lock up and I'd have to go home. I went out with a better back at the end! There is physical pain, and there's the amplification of it you create through your mind and your emotions. With training, you can separate the two and reduce the latter.

If you want incredible clarity of mind, not to mention peace of mind, give it a try, you don't have to be a Buddhist. Your mind gets extremely clear and sharp after 10 days of silent meditation, and your sense of awareness becomes phenomenal. It's great for ADDers, because focusing on the breath and scanning the body gives the very active ADHD mind something to occupy itself with so we can begin to gradually quiet the mind.

I've enjoyed the benefits of a wide variety of types of meditation for many years. I've studied different spiritual traditions including Esoteric Christianity, Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism.

Currently I'm enjoying exploring Advaita Vedanta.

Personal and spiritual development have been long-standing commitments in my life and I've devoted a large amount of time, energy, awareness and money to these commitments.

I was featured on CITY TV on the topic of Adult ADHD. They found my website and asked to interview me. The video of the interview is here. Here are my other media mentions.

Find out how I can help you learn how to manage your ADHD more effectively, with less stress, and reach your goals.



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