Adult ADHD And The Harm Of ADHD Stigma

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I was quoted in the Vancouver Courier Newspaper on Adult ADHD And The Harm Of ADHD Stigma. Written by Cheryl Rossi, June 30th 2014.

Pete Quily was shocked when a park board commissioner shamed another for spending park board money on coaching to help her with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

“As someone who has ADHD, has coached adults with ADHD for a decade, runs the Vancouver Adult ADD Support group and has a large website and blog on ADHD, I know the harm of stigmatizing people with ADHD,” Quily told the Courier in an email.

“Some ADDers refuse to get diagnosed or treated because of stigma, many hide in the ADHD closet, many self-medicate with drugs and alcohol,” he continued, adding that studies have shown teens and adults with ADHD think about and attempt suicide more often than those without the disorder and have higher rates of depression, anxiety and eating disorders.”

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