Famous ADHD Journalists. Clarence Page

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Famous Living Confirmed Person With ADHD. Journalist Clarence Page.

Famous for: Winning a Pulitzer Prize. Twice

Confirmed: Positively ADD Real Success Stories to Inspire Your Dreams. 2006. By Catherine A. Corman and Ed Hallowell p.148-156

Work: Is a columnist at the Chicago Tribune, Syndicated in 170 papers. National TV commentator, Actor (Rising Sun)



1989 Pulitzer Prize for commentary

1987 American Civil Liberties Union James P. McGuire Award for columns on constitutional rights

1980 Illinois UPI Award for community service for The Black Tax

1976 Edward Scott Beck Award for overseas reporting on the changing politics of Southern Africa

1972 Pulitzer Prize for a Chicago Tribune Task Force series on voter fraud



What Killed Lenita McClain?: Essays on Living in Both Black and White Worlds by Lenita McClain, Clarence Page

Showing My Color: Impolite Essays on Race and Identity Clarence Page

A Foot in Each World: Essays and Articles by Leanita McClain, Clarence Page Editor”

Above are excerpts from his Wikipedia entry.


Clarence Page Quotes on ADHD

“Having Ritalin is like having fifty TV sets going off in my head at once. Ritalin works by turning of forty-nine of them”

“In his office, he usually has a computer, several TV shows, and the radio going at once, constantly bouncing from thing to thing to keep from getting bored, I like it like that, he says, but it drives my wife crazy”.

“When Grady (his son) was diagnosed, I was in big denial about it. I thought, well either they’re overdiagnosing him, or he’s not trying hard enough, or he just needs to work harder and concentrate harder – all the things my father told me. Now I reallly understand this condition.”

“Clarence says journalism was a “perfect” match for him. The writing is short, he says, there’s always a deadline. that makes it a lot easier to stay on track.”

“He makes a comparison between prejudices against people of color and people with learning differences. “I grew up as a black kid in America in the fifties and sixties. People wanted to put me in a box, expecting me to be in a certain way, Clarence says.

I was always fighting against that. I see the same thing happening to kids with ADD. People expect them to act and learn a certain way, but they don’t. They have to fight to figure out who they are and what they need. Every child learns differently. Clarence says.”

Via Positively ADD

Know of any famous publically confirmed living people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Let me know, send me the details with the blog/website/book/newspaper where it was confirmed ie website, date, page etc.

Please don’t send me info like “I think/heard Joe Smith has ADHD”. I want publicly confirmed, mentioned in the media or on their website with a link of living famous people with ADHD with evidence to add to my list.



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