How To Start And Run Support Groups

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“It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

No ADHD support groups in your area? Start your own, I did. Here’s how you can start, run and promote a support group. I wish I had read these articles before I decided to start my adult ADHD support group. I list several by category, you definitely don’t need to read them all, but different things will resonate with different people so choice is good.

Also sometimes there are non profit resource organizations that provide low cost training on how to start, run and promote support groups. I took a grassroots facilitator course at the Self Help Resource Association of BC here in Vancouver (a year after I started the group) now it’s called PeerNetBC  and it was great training on how to start, run, troubleshoot and help publicize a support group. 4 separate days at $25 a day, what a bargain.

Support Group Resources by Category

How to Start a Support Group – Articles


How to Run a Support Group – Articles


Connections to Self Help Organizations


Manuals and Workbooks for Starting and Running Support Groups


Support Groups and Professionals


Why Start a Support Group?


Links to Canadian, American and International ADHD Support Groups


If you’d like some one on one support in learning the skills to manage the practical daily problems of having Adult ADHD more effectively, check out the benefits of Adult ADHD Coaching over the phone to see how I might be useful for you.

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