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Here are some articles on how to start support groups, to give you some ideas. If you would like some ADHD Support Groups
in your community but there are none, here are some ways to get you started to create you own.

If not you, who will care enough about people with ADHD to start one?

How to Start A Support Group

From the wikihow site. 7 good tips. Basic suggestions for starting any type of community mutual aid support group, to pool the collective experiences, coping skills, insights, and knowledge of others “who have been there.” Learn how to do it, so it’s not all on your shoulders, but “mutual help from the start.”


How to Start and Maintain and Self-Help Group

This online article from the Ontario Self Help Resource Centre gives a basic overview for anyone looking to start a new self-help group or keep one going. This guide covers all the basics, from what self-help is all about to setting up your own group or finding one that’s right for you.


How to start a self-help peer-to-peer support group

Very detailed. Covers the pros and cons of different meeting group spaces, how to deal with people who ask you questions about your support group, many place to advertise your group to. Plus things you might run into, what to keep track of, things to expect at meetings, how to get others involved, guest speakers, paper work, funding, literature and handouts, etc


Fundamental Ideas for Starting a Support Group

Sections cover:

1. Starting a New Self-Help Group; Things to Consider.

2. Get Organized.

3. Consider Going to a Similar Group.

4. You Don’t Have to Start a Group by Yourself.

5. At the Meeting.

6. Do not try to Re-invent the Wheel.

7. Think “Mutual-Help” From the Start.

8. Find a Suitable Meeting Place and Time.

9. Publicizing and Running your first Meeting.

10. Future Meetings. Other considerations for future meetings may be the following:

11. Lastly, expect your group to experience “Up’s and Down’s” in terms of attendance and enthusiasm.


6 Tips to Start a Rural Peer Support Group

From Peer Net BC. “Rural communities are unique, and therefore have unique needs when it comes to support group development. The following are a few insights into rural communities and suggestions that could be helpful in developing self-help groups.”

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