Increase Follow Through For ADHD Adults

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Topic: Follow Through. The costs of not doing it, why we ADDers have more trouble following through, and what you can do to increase your rate of follow through. See the other Adult ADHD Issues.

Facilitator: Pete Quily

Thanks for Kat for taking notes.

May 5th 2015 Meeting Notes for the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group


Warm up

Think of a task or project you often have trouble following through on that you learned how to follow through on without nagging or externally imposed deadlines. Explain how you did it.


What are some of the costs of not following through?

Being judged (unfairly)


Emotional and psychological costs of clutter

Financial troubles

Having to restart project

Leads to clutter

Losing your job

Loss of respect/credibility

Lost opportunities

Organized, circular, systematic insanity

Overload and overwhelm

Physical safety (reckless behaviour, health)

Reduced productivity

Rejection and alienation

Relationship problems

Self/external disappointment

Self-esteem problems

Wasted potential


Why do ADDers have more trouble than others following through?


Attached to past patterns

Details are boring

Difficulty making decisions


Don’t feel the benefit

Easily discouraged

Emotionally overwhelmed

Focus problems

Have trouble sustaining motivation

Having too many possibilities

Impulsive decisions

Lose interest

Low self-esteem

Not clear on steps/instructions/goal

Not knowing when the task is finished


Overly frustrated too easily



Poor working memory

Self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviours


Time management

Too attached to the path/outcome

Too hyperfocused

Trouble with transition

Underdeveloped reward system


What things can you do to increase the chances of following through?

Colour post it notes in order of priority

Create a plan

Crystal clear goal

Dream board (visualization)

Eliminate/reduce distractions

Embody that visualization

Get support/teamwork

Go over notes

Grouping specific behaviour/activities with productive activities

Hyperfocus binge

Learn how to delegate

Learn to say no

Less multitasking

List specific steps

Make every step fun

Meaningful (to you) rewards

Measure and track your outcomes

Reality filters how much time, money, energy, resources does it cost?

Set alarms to set alarms

Share with others to keep you accountable

Visualize outcome

White noise/focus music

Group exercise

Pick a goal/problem you have following through on

Why is it a problem?

What makes it worse?

What will help you do it?

When and where, date, time?

How will you remember to do it? Vs the tradition ADHD magical thinking.

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