Adult ADHD Issues.

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Here are notes from some of the adult ADHD issues, and how to deal with those issues covered in the meetings of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group that I started in 2003 in British Columbia, Canada that my members sent me.

As an adult ADHD coach who has ADHD, I like to focus on the practical side of managing ADHD, so each meeting focuses on one specific issue we ADHD adults often have, issues are suggested by the members.

We do a warm-up exercise, an overview of the issue then:

We do a group brainstorm on:

  • Reasons why we ADDers have that issue.
  • What specific things make the issue worse?
  • What specific things make the issue better?
  • Then we get into small groups and focus on creating a customized plan for ourselves on how to deal more effectively with that ADHD issue in one specific area of our lives.

If you have notes of meetings that aren’t posted here, please email me them and I’ll post them so others can read them.


List of Adult ADHD Issues.

Acceptance Of Adult ADHD

Achievable Goal Setting For Adults With ADHD

ADHD Friendly Jobs Work Strategies

Adult ADHD Questions And Answers

Advocacy And Activism For ADHD

Apps And Programs For ADHD Adults

Clutter Challenges And Solutions For Adult ADHD

Communication Skills For ADHD Adults

Dealing With Strong Emotions For ADHD Adults

Distractions How ADHD Adults Can Reduce Them

Emotions and Adult ADHD. Emotional Overload & Managing It

Emotions How ADHD Adults Can Recognize, Feel, And Manage Them

Exercise Benefits, Obstacles, And Solutions for ADHD Adults

How To Explain Adult ADHD

How To Listen More Effectively For ADHD Adults

How To Prioritize For ADHD Adults

How To Relax The ADHD Adult Brain And Body

Increase Follow Through For ADHD Adults

Lifestyle Management for ADHD Adults. Sleep, Exercise, And Diet

Manage Adult ADHD Impulsivity

Metro Vancouver Community Resources For Adults And Children With ADHD

Motivation For ADHD Adults

Positives Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder That ADHD Adults Often Ignore

Procrastination And Adult ADHD. Problems, Strategies And Successes

Procrastination. Reasons And Solutions For ADHD Adults

Projects How ADHD Adults Can Manage And Complete Them

Reducing And Managing Distractions When You Have Adult ADHD

Relationships And ADHD Adults Notes

Self-Esteem Reduce It Or Boost It For ADHD Adults

Sleep and ADHD Adults. Go To Sleep, Stay Asleep & Wake Up Problems

Sleeping Problems ADHD Adults Have & How To Manage Them

Stress Management For ADHD Adults

Task Management For ADHD Adults

Time Management Is Self Management ADHD Adults Forget This

Trouble With Transitions For ADHD Adults

Wish Lists Vs Realistic To-Do Lists For ADHD Adults

Women With ADHD Gender Differences, Impact On Your Life, Strategies And Support


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