Metro Vancouver BC Area ADHD Related Resources & Articles

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Here are some resources and articles on ADHD in Metro Vancouver BC Area. Remember, ADHD rarely travels alone, co-existing or co-morbid conditions are the norm with ADHD, not the exception.

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

For adults with ADHD. I started and lead this group. We have members from Whistler to Delta and Victoria to Mission. There are only 2 ADHD support groups in BC.

No ADHD support group in your community? Start one. Check out my 6 pages of links on how to start, run and promote a support group.

ADD Support Vancouver Group

ADHD Support Group For parents of kids with ADHD and adults with ADHD.

British Columbia ADHD Support Groups

Metro Vancouver BC Area List Of Doctors, Psychiatrists And Psychologists Who Can Diagnose ADHD

I’ve been emailing out this list, thousands of times since 2003 in the third biggest city in Canada, my home, Vancouver, BC.

Why? Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out.

Metro Vancouver BC ADHD Related Support Groups And Resources

ADHD rarely travels alone. Comorbidity, or co-existing conditions with ADHD are the norm, not the exception.

Here are some support groups and related resources for adults and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Metro Vancouver British Columbia area.

Vancouver BC ADHD Resources

Metro Vancouver BC Area ADHD Support Groups

Metro Vancouver BC Area Addictions Support Groups

Metro Vancouver BC Area Anxiety Support Groups

Metro Vancouver BC Area Autism Support Groups

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Metro Vancouver BC Area Depression Support Groups

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Some posts relating to Metro Vancouver BC on my first blog Adult ADD Strengths.

BC Medical Assn says ADHD Costing BC 500 Million Yearly. (Actually, It’s Billions, They Forgot to Count Adults With ADHD) Asks Govt to Improve Access to Care for ADHD Patients

Vancouver Is The First City In Canada To Proclaim ADHD Awareness Week. Thanks, Vancouver City Council!

Free Online Tools Helps Consumers Compare Prescription Drug Prices. See ADHD Medication Vyvanse Price Variations

3 Vancouver BC ADHD Entrepreneurs in BC Business Magazine

Some posts relating to Vancouver BC on my second blog BC ADHD.

We Need Public Adult And Children’s ADHD Clinics In Every Health Region In BC. What Do You Think?

IEPsForADHD Campaign For BC K-12 Students 2018 and still on going.

Impact of Untreated ADHD On Academic Performance Weiss

and some other volunteers asked BC school trustee candidates to ask BCNDP Education Minister Rob Fleming when he’ll keep his December 4th promise to BC’s ADHD students to add ADHD as a stand-alone category in special education so they get accommodations and #IEPsForADHD. Vs current neglect and discrimination, they get no matter who’s in power, BCLiberals or BCNDP MLAs. Neither of them cares about us.

36 BC School Board Trustee Candidates Who Support ADHD Students, Will Ask Rob Fleming When He’ll Fulfill His Promise To Them

IEPs For ADHD 2018 Election Results And More. List of 17 BC School Board Trustees that were elected who support ADHD Students and #IEPsForADHD

2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week List of Activities

2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week Photos

2014 BC ADHD Awareness Week List of Activities

2014 BC ADHD Awareness Week Photos

2014 BC ADHD Awareness Week Map of libraries and bookstores

2013 BC ADHD Awareness Week List of Activities

2012 BC ADHD Awareness Week List of Activities


Why in the 3rd biggest city in Canada, Vancouver, do I have to send out a list of people who can diagnose and treat ADHD in adults and kids for 16 years thousands of times?

Because both The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada ( for specialists like psychiatrists) and The College of Family Physicians of Canada (family practitioners) both refuse to make it mandatory that psychiatrists and family doctors be properly trained on ADHD in adults and children with mandatory CMEs, Continual Medical Education training.

Many of both tell me they had no training at all on ADHD.

Also, both The Doctors of BC (formerly BC Medical Association) and The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, refuse to ask them to do so.

And don’t have enough training CMEs on ADHD often enough and educate their members on why they should be properly trained on ADHD in adults and kids. Or demand all family doctors and psychiatrists in BC be trained on The CADDRA Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines.

Vs the current problems in BC of the under diagnosing of ADHD (biggest problem), misdiagnosing ADHD as other conditions, (second biggest problem), and over-diagnosing of ADHD, (the smallest problem) but the scientifically illiterate on ADHD BC media (let’s stigmatize people with ADHD with disinformation for clickbait and ad sales!) and politicians think it’s the only one and the biggest problem.

And whether the BCNDP or BCLiberal MLAs are running the government, both them and the BC media don’t care about adults and children with ADHD being discriminated against, being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions like depression and anxiety, etc despite the huge economic and social costs of ADHD to society.

Why do both BC NDP MLA’s and BC Liberals MLA’s get away with continually discriminating against and harming ADHD adults and kids and their families?

Sadly hardly any people with ADHD in BC and their families aren’t asking the media why adults and kids with ADHD are neglected and discriminated against in the medical system, school system and criminal justice system.

Or demanding provincial and federal politicians stop their neglect and discrimination against us.

I’ve done this a lot since 2003, and sometimes some volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support group help, but seems people with ADHD in BC will help themselves and their families, and get organized and take action around their jobs, sports and hobbies, but they don’t identify with or care about others with ADHD enough to take action.

They are often angry they’ve struggled and suffered needlessly for years or decades being undiagnosed for ADHD or misdiagnosed, but hardly any at all are seem to be willing to help do anything to help their fellow ADDers who will experience the same problems.

If we don’t do it, no one else will, they think ADHD is not a real condition or it’s over-diagnosed or a big pharma conspiracy or bad parenting or too much sugar, etc etc.

If you don’t care enough to take action to help others with ADHD in BC, who will?

See my post, 21% to 45% 0f prisoners have ADHD 15 peer-reviewed studies show.  Only 5% of adults have ADHD.

Does BC screen for ADHD in prisons and jail? No.

There are huge social and economic costs of ignoring ADHD. People with ADHD have higher rates of un and underemployment, divorce, teen pregnancies, school dropouts, higher rates of all three eating disorders, homelessness and 20-30%+ of alcoholics and drug addicts have ADHD.

In the fentanyl era, ADHD can be a death sentence for some. BCNDP’s strategy for ADHD and addictions? Let them die in the streets.

Not a single BC rehab I’ve talked to at community events screened for ADHD. I’ve seen research with up to 50% or more of drug addicts having ADHD.

BC Politicians, media and the public don’t care about the problems of us ADDers since almost none of us do anything to let them know why they should.

So they don’t. That’s why it took you so long to get diagnosed. Or to find help for ADHD.

And 28% of referrals to a mood disorders clinic had undetected ADHD. Only 5% Of adults have ADHD. Misdiagnosis of ADHD as anxiety & depression are huge problems.

28.4% of referrals to a tertiary-care mood and anxiety clinic had undetected ADHD.

And people with ADHD die younger than non ADDers, new research by ADHD researcher and author Dr. Russell Barkley’s shows.

Treatment for ADHD, along with the related health risks it poses, has the possibility of adding an average of nine to 13 years to the lifespan of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD.

This is the conclusion of a cutting-edge research study conducted by Russell A. Barkley, PhD, who evaluated the connection between ADHD and 14 critical health factors including nutrition, exercise, and tobacco and alcohol use.

What needs to change to get better outcomes for ADHD adults, kids and their families in BC?

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not. The Lorax Dr SuessThe Lorax. By Dr. Seuss 

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