Manuals And Workbooks For Running Support Groups

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Like the idea of ADHD support groups? No ADHD support group in your community but you think there is a need for one? You don’t need to be an expert on ADHD, they call them peer support groups for a reason.

You do need to know something about ADHD and at least know what you know and what you don’t know about ADHD.

And you don’t have to do it alone, you can ask in your community newspaper, craiglist ad/blog for those who want to help create and ADHD support group.

Here are some manuals and workbooks for running support groups, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But you can pick and chose what you think is useful for you and adapt them to your needs.

I still remember my English prof’s advice. “There is the perfect essay and the completed one. I want the latter.”

Same thing about ADHD support groups. Have some structure but get it up and running and you can adapt and change it later vs being a perfectionist and never launching.

Shared Leadership Workbook PDF

“This workbook is a planning tool to help you decide, clarify and/or redefine your group’s shared leadership structure.”


Self-Help 101 Workshop: Understanding Self-help and Starting a Peer Support Group PDF

This workshop covers:

  • What is a self-help support group?
  • How self-help approaches complement other forms of support.
  • Why people come to groups and how to motivate them to come to the group.
  • Steps for starting a group, including planning stages and holding your first meeting.
  • Stages of group development and why they are important.
  • Ideas for evaluation and maintaining momentum.


Peer Support Guide For Parents of Children or Youth with Mental Health Problems PDF

By the Canadian Mental Health Association. In addition to regular overview how to guide, also has many sample handouts:

  • Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Initial Invitation
  • First Meeting Agenda
  • Sign-Up Sheet
  • How to Be a Good Group Member
  • Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet
  • Speaker Log
  • Binder Disclaimer
  • Library Inventory Sheet
  • Library Sign-Out Sheet
  • Sample Evaluation Questions


Starting and Maintaining a Peer Support Group PDF

By the Self Help Alliance

Part 1— Planning and Getting Organized
Getting Prepared
Questions to start Planning

Part 2— Group Work Basics
Skills and Characteristics Beneficial for Group Work Setting the Climate for a Successful Group
Roles Within a Group
Stages of Group Development

Part 3— Group Guidelines and Confidentiality
Group Guidelines

Part 4— First Meeting of Many
What a Meeting Looks Like
Last Meetings

Part 5— Feedback and Conflict Resolution
“I” Messages
The Feedback Sandwich
Tips to Ensure Feedback is Constructive 5 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Part 6— Dealing with Challenges

Part 7— Evaluating Progress


A Guide For Starting And Managing A Self-Help Support Group PDF

By the British Stammering Association. Covers these topics:

Achieving, Behaviour, Conflict, Ending a group, Establishing the group Leadership, First steps, Communication, Meeting Rooms, Finance, Membership, Publicity, Relationships, Things to discuss as a group, What is a self-help group?, What sort of group do you want yours to be?

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