How To Organize And Complete Tasks And Goals With ADHD

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I was quoted in an article on Adult ADD in Saturday’s Globe and Mail Newspaper (the major National Canadian Newspaper) written by Dr. Gabor Mate, Oct. 15th, 2005 p F7 in the focus section.

Dr Mate has ADD and written several books including a groundbreaking book on ADD called Scattered Minds: a New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder

“Adults with ADD need self-compassion. Pete Quily coaches people to organize themselves, to complete tasks, to maintain long-term goals — all difficult for the person with ADD — but he also helps with issues of self-esteem. “Often,” Mr. Quily says, “they will do eight things great and one not so well, but that one thing is all they see and beat themselves up about.”

However there was a mistake in one of my quotes,

“Medications don’t by themselves solve the problems of the adult or child with attention deficit disorder,” says Pete Quily, a Vancouver ADD coach and the host of an ADD-support website. “If a doctor or psychiatrist gives a prescription only, without recommending, they are doing a disservice.

After “without recommending,” it should read “other treatment options such as ADD coaching, cognitive-behavioural therapy, diet, exercise, self care activities, ADD support groups etc”.

I’m not anti ADD medication, they can be very useful, but by themselves they’re not enough

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