Vancouver BC ADHD Resources

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Here’s a list of ADHD resources in Vancouver, BC. Note that Vancouver Adult ADHD coach Pete Quily does not endorse or recommend any specific group.

Since ADHD rarely travels alone, co-existing conditions are the norm, not the exception, I also have a list of Metro Vancouver ADHD related resources for you.


A List of Vancouver, BC Area Physicians, Psychiatrists and Psychologists that have been Known to Diagnosis and Treat ADD

Since it’s very hard to find someone in Vancouver BC, let alone the rest of Canada that knows enough about ADHD to diagnose it.

Unfortunately in Canada, we’re about 10 years+ behind the US when it comes to awareness of and diagnosis and management of ADHD.

Hopefully, more ADHD adults and parents of people with ADHD will ask their MLAs and local reporters why BC continues to be negligent in discriminating against ADHD adults and children and refuses to mandate medical professionals to be properly trained on ADHD. See my post

We Need Public Adult And Children’s ADHD Clinics In Every Health Region In BC. What Do You Think?

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

The Adult ADD support group I founded and lead, started in 2003. We have adults with ADHD from Mission to Victoria, and Whistler to Delta attend our monthly meetings at Ravensong Community Healthcare Centre. Check out Adult ADHD Issues notes from some of our past meetings.


ADD Vancouver Support Group

Formerly known as CHADD Vancouver, the ADHD Support group for parents of children with ADHD and adults with ADHD. They meet monthly at Ravensong Community Healthcare Centre. Founded in 1993.


Vancouver Adult ADHD Coach

That would be me. To put Adult ADHD Coaching in context:

Medication helps ADHD Adults balance their neurobiology.

Therapy helps ADHD Adults understand and heal their past.

ADHD Coaching helps ADHD Adults deal more effectively with the practical day to day problems of living with ADHD whether they be at work or home.


Vancouver, BC Area ADHD Related Non-Profit Support Groups & Other Non Profit And Governmental Mental Health Related Organizations

Since ADHD adults and ADHD children usually have one or more co-existing conditions. I.e., anxiety, depression, OCD, Addictions, Learning Disabilities etc.


Vancouver ADHD Parent Program

Vancouver only, since Vancouver parents lobbied the government to get it established.

Hopefully parents of ADHD children in other cities in the lower mainland will do the same and I’ll have others to list. But if they won’t bother, no one will create it for them very few people care about people with ADHD

My 3 Adult ADHD websites with 600 pages of free information on Adult ADHD with thousands of external links

ADD Coach4U

Adult ADD Strengths


If you’re looking for one on one professional support, in dealing with the practical day to day aspects of having Adult ADHD, check out the benefits of Adult ADD Coaching to see how it might be useful for you.

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