Why Hire Pete Quily To Help You Manage Your ADHD?

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Why hire Pete Quily to help you learn how to manage your ADHD more effectively, with less stress, and reach your goals via ADHD coaching over the phone?

If you’re just looking for free information on Adult ADHD, check out the 150+ pages of information I have here on my adult ADHD website, and more on my Adult ADD Strengths blog or my BC ADHD  blog.

If just reading the website or book was all it took to be able to consistently learn and apply the information, we’d all be living on beach houses in Hawaii.

The ideas in ADHD websites and books are often useful as a first step, but unless you’re a carbon copy clone of the author with the exact same genes, experiences, environment and personality, they usually require customization to make them work for you.

This is what I’ve been doing for hundreds of people like me, adults with ADHD, over the phone on six continents since 2003.

ADHD Coaching is application of solutions customized for each unique individual with ADHD. One size does NOT fit all.

Then, the follow up part many ADDers forget. Seeing what worked and what didn’t, getting curious why, vs shaming, then adapting and adjusting on a regular basis to ensure it’s not just another abandoned project.


Here are some common questions ADHD adults ask me:

What problems/goals can you help me with?

Some of the problems I’ve been helping my fellow ADHD adults with since 2003 as a professional Adult ADHD coach.


What kinds of people have you helped?

Some of the specific occupations of ADHD adults that I’ve coached.


What’s your background and training?

Have a look at my Bio.


How would you work with me if I hired you as my coach?

Here is how my Adult ADHD coaching process works.


How my Adult ADHD Coaching clients describe what it’s like working with me:

“I tell him before each call what I want to focus on. This gives me the feeling of being in control and that he trusts me to set the agenda. As a result, I buy in much more to his suggestions and ideas”

“After Pete helped me define what I wanted from our coaching relationship, his tailored guidance, practical advice, and encouragement helped me get “unstuck” and well on my way to not only a meaningful career – but also a more meaningful life.”

“Pete Quily is an excellent coach with fantastic communication skills. He is a compassionate listener and an assertive communicator.”

“Through my coaching with Pete, I gained insight to my behaviours, and began to take control of my life back. He gave me achievable tasks to get me on the right track, encouragement, education, and a no nonsense approach to taking responsibility for myself.”

“Thanks to his deep understanding of ADHD and his understated communication style, I feel like I have regained a strong sense of inner trust and self-reliance, and I am learning to live up to my potential on a daily basis.”

“He has a broad holistic approach that includes conventional as well as alternative strategies. Pete uses a combination of solid medical research that is well tempered with experience, intuition and kindness.”

“Sure I’d still be in my PJ’s at home, making tons of lists and not getting anywhere. Pete was amazing in how he helped me deal with my ADD and know how to break down goals I’ve always wanted to achieve but could never follow through on them.

He really was like a coach, being specific with what and when I would do specific things so there was no way for me get dizzy and forget.”

“Pete has been my personal life coach once a week and has given me some profound insights into habits that were compromising my personal and personal life. We came up with daily strategies, goals and commitments that have helped immensely.

“Pete is articulate and very wise, and for someone that’s motivated and committed to change, Pete will come up with strategies to change old self defeating behaviours, habits and ways of thinking that can help to lead a more positive, less stressful, and satisfying life.”

“I recommend to anyone with ADD, and even those who don’t have it, to work with Pete to develop a sober second point of view to bring calm objectivity to problems they might have in life and work. His approach is mature, pragmatic, realistic and fun. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I can ‘git it done’ now.”

See more results my clients get from working with me.


What results do your clients get?

What my ADHD coaching clients say they get from working with me:

“I am convinced by the fruits of what I see: I feel happier, like my life is on a good path, my clarity of decision making has gotten better, my mistakes and constant apologies have gotten fewer, my awareness level has increased.”

“With the help of Pete Quily, I learned why I work the way I do. He helped to educate me on why my brain functions the way it does because of ADD, why I can be impulsive, why I love my sugar, hate mornings, and had a ‘time optimism’ that made my husband, and several others, just nuts. (and the list went on…).

I am now in a place where I feel much more in control of myself, and I am a happier, more balanced person. And my husband is a happier person too!”

“I feel so much more confident in my day to day activities. My family has seen a change and my wife is less frustrated with me. I owe that to you, and I appreciate your insights in my life.

I now have a foundation to work from and I know now where to go for resources as I grow and understand myself.”

“ADD is now a part of my life, not the secret shame I believed it to be. I now proudly embrace ADD and actively learn new ways to balance my brains wiring and my surroundings.”

“I am gratefully living with the improvements Pete has coached me towards: improved time management at work and my personal life, better organization of daily tasks which included improved handling of household bills (I used to despise dealing with them), and he explains the phenomenon of ADD in terms that anyone can understand.”

“Let Pete show you the life that can be realized. It’s well worth the consultation and the investment – it changed my life for the better, and it will do the same for you too. Thank you again for your humanity and understanding, I now live without the fear that ADHD had over me for years.”

“I’ve struggled with ADD for years and I found Pete to be far more helpful than anything else I have tried including a wide variety of medications.”

“I may never be able to properly express my thankfulness to you. You have helped me understand myself and my brain. I have learned so much about brain wiring and how to manage my understimulated brain. I believe I have grown since our first call.”

“Coaching has helped me to understand myself and how to interact with the world around me. It is amazing how a few short sessions could raise my self-esteem and give me the confidence I need to deal with the struggles life brings.”

“”During my time with working with Pete, I have made a number of improvements in my work and my overall lifestyle. The result of the changes is that my stress is reduced and my overall satisfaction with life has been enhanced.”

“Coaching is an investment in ‘you’, and I would highly recommend Pete Quily for anyone with ADHD…He has helped make an enormous difference in my life.”

See more results my clients get from working with me.


What’s the next step?

Contact me for a free 30 minute adult ADHD coaching session on one very specific big problem or big goal.

We can see if we’re a good fit and if we both think I can help you achieve your goals.

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