Advantages Of ADHD

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Yes there are real problems with ADHD and I help my adult ADHD coaching clients daily with them. But, there are also positives with having ADHD and you can’t be realistic about ADHD by only looking at one side and ignoring the other.

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Top Ten Advantages of Having ADD in a High Tech Career The most popular page on my 400+ posts ADHD website. Got 30,000 unique visits in 3 days. Has also been translated into multiple languages.


Virtues of ADHD

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Can Often:

Notice more things in a situation than most
other people can.

Hear more than other people can hear.

Do more things at the same time than other people with
limited single attention spans.

– Are extremely creative, especially with problem

Look at a situation from more angles than
most people and they can generate more ideas about a
particular subject because of this.

– Are often more perceptive than others.

– Are very imaginative.

– Are very intuitive.

Enjoy trying out new things and ideas.

Make life more interesting for all those around them:) due to their low boredom threshold.

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