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    Are you working hard but often not getting the most important things done?
  • Do you find it easy to start new projects but have trouble finishing them?
    Is procrastination causing you too much stress?
    Do people complain you often over promise and under deliver?
  • Do you often feel overloaded and overwhelmed?
  • Are you open and willing to change, and ready to take action to learn how to manage adult ADHD more effectively?

My name is Pete Quily and I have ADHD. Diagnosed three times. Some doctors don't trust other doctors' knowledge of ADHD.

Given how few doctors are properly trained on ADHD that is no surprise.

I'm a professional Adult ADHD coach. I've helped improve the professional and personal lives of hundreds of my fellow ADHD adults who are entrepreneurs or in the workforce since 2003 on 6 continents through phone coaching.


“Coaching is wonderful for those with ADHD because it gets to all the nitty, gritty stuff that medication does not address. 

Medication can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and help you concentrate, but it doesn’t teach you how to get organized or get that better job.”

Patricia O. Quinn, M.D. Author of several books on ADHD

My ADHD clients are very creative and full of ideas. But often get frustrated, overloaded, and overwhelmed by the many problems & stressors of living with ADHD.

I help them reduce frustration, stress, and feeling overwhelmed, as well as increase their productivity and peace of mind.

How? By helping them learn how to understand and manage their ADHD more effectively & develop their ADHD advantages through customized ADHD coaching solutions for their unique ADHD brains. 

“Through my coaching with Pete, I gained insight to my behaviour, and began to take control of my life back.

He gave me achievable tasks to get me on the right track, encouragement, education, and a no nonsense approach to taking responsibility for myself.” Alexis Whiting.

See my coverage in ADDitude Magazine, CBC, The Globe And Mail, Global TV, Readers Digest, The Vancouver Sun, BC Business Magazine, CKNW and more.

Please have a look at some of the problems I help my Adult ADHD clients with.

See some of the benefits of ADHD coaching, check out some of the results my ADHD coaching clients get, explore a bit about what Adult ADHD coaching might have to offer you, or one of your loved ones.

This has been really good. I’m very impressed with how you walk me through it and put me into action…clarifying and committing means I will do them. I think you have a good voice for coaching, a very comfortable voice and very articulate.

You speak well and ask lots of powerful questions. I.e., questions that aren’t complicated but are very deep kinds of questions. You really simplify things which means you’re getting to the clients level, not your level.

Marilyn Feddersen

Do you want to stop procrastinating on dealing with your ADHD related problems?

Are you open and willing to change how you think and act to get different results? If so

Try a free 30-minute sample session of Adult ADHD coaching.

You can also boost your dopamine by exploring the many free resources on Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on my 160+ page website. I self-medicate my ADHD through information and learning.

The 3 main sections of my site are:

1. Understand Adult ADHD

Where you can learn more about what adult ADHD is, and is not, both the problems and the positives of ADHD.

2. How to Manage ADHD

Where you can learn different ways of ADHD Management

And Adult ADHD issues, and how to deal with those issues

ADHD Support Groups near you. Or how to start your own if they’re not. They can be very useful. I’m biased because I’ve started one and run it since 2003.

How To Teach ADHD Students

Metro Vancouver BC Area ADHD Related Resources And Articles. If you live in my part of the world.

3. ADHD Coaching

Are you ready, open and willing to change how you think and take action and want one on one help dealing with your ADHD problems and achieving your goals?

If you are and want to work over the phone with an adult with ADHD who’s helped hundreds of ADHD adults all over the world for 17 years, try

A free phone sample session of ADHD coaching on one very specific big problem or big goal you have.

ADHD experts talk about the benefits of ADHD Coaching.

"Pete is simply an outstanding coach. I left each of our calls encouraged and challenged for the next week.

He has a keen ability to listen, an intuitive sense for knowing just what question to ask, and a way of getting you to talk about important issues without making it seem like a big deal.

I especially admire how Pete took my complicated situations or explanations and turned them into solvable problems."

Dave Lloyd

Try a free sample session of ADHD Coaching

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