Famous Confirmed People With ADHD

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Know of any famous publicly confirmed living people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

NOT the usual, I think he/she has ADHD but they don’t, they have Learning Disabilities etc. But publicly confirmed famous people who have ADHD.

Famous Confirmed Journalists With ADHD

Famous ADHD Journalists. Clarence Page


There are already a few lists out there who claim a group of famous people have ADHD but often some of those people on their lists are dead and as far as I know, most did not confirm they had ADHD when they were alive.

Yes, I know that when you read about what Thomas Edison was like, it sure sounds to me like he might have had ADHD, but I don’t know that for sure, and I can’t time travel to ask him in person:)

There is so much negative stigma and misinformation around ADHD. It often seems like it’s easier to say you’re addicted to crack cocaine or you’re an alcoholic or a gambling addict than you have an inherited neurobiological condition like ADHD.

Many people who have undiagnosed ADHD suffer because there of the negative media stigma towards ADHD and the fact that most of the “ADHD experts” tend to be people trained only in the ideology of pathology and that’s what they mainly look for in people with ADHD and consequently that’s what they mainly find and talk about in the media.

There are real negatives associated with ADHD but there are also positive traits of ADHD as well.

Far too many adults who may have ADHD, especially men, don’t want to get a diagnosis for ADHD in part because ADHD is often portrayed as condition that is nearly solely negative and some don’t want to receive another label that people around them (spouses, other family members, employers etc.) can use to condemn, attack and blame them with.

A list of possible role models with ADHD who work in different fields can provide some counterbalance to the 98% pathology model, and to encourage people who think they may have it to get diagnosed and if they have it seek treatment and a better life.

I wanted to see a list of living famous or well-known people with ADHD that have publicly stated they have ADHD and not just a list like “I think Robin Williams has ADHD”. I think so too, but I don’t know for sure.

Or just a combined list of well-known people with ADHD and or LD (Learning Disabilities) where they don’t say who has LD and who has ADHD or both. Since I couldn’t find such a list, I thought I’d create one.

So I’ve started a section on my website called Famous Living Confirmed People with ADHD.

Do you know of any famous publicly confirmed, living people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder AND have proof they have it?

Please let me know, but please don’t send me info like “I think the actor Joe Smith has ADHD” or “Some random person on twitter claims Jane Jones has ADHD but provides no link to evidence.”

I want publicly confirmed, living, famous people with ADHD to add to my list. I’ll be also cross-posting the listing to my first blog Adult ADD Strengths.

So if you have evidence, please send me the details with the blog/website/book/newspaper/radio/TV interview where it was confirmed i.e. website, date, page etc.




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