3 Million Donation For BC Adult ADHD Clinic Repeatedly Ignored

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I was quoted in the Georgia Straight Newspaper on January 25th, 2012.

The CEO of Harley Davidson Canada Don James had a family member with ADHD and had been trying to give a $3 million dollar donation for a BC children and adults ADHD Clinic to 3 different agencies for 3 years. He got the bureaucratic shuffle and no one took the money.

People email me daily for a list of people who can diagnose ADHD since few can.

I and Dr. Margaret Weiss ex-head of the BC adult ADHD clinic (that the BC Liberal govt shut down after a one-year wait list for an entire year) asked for an inquiry into the situation and explain why.

“I felt very, very, very angry, because, again, I am one of the people that hear these horror stories. Whether they tell me on the phone, on email, at my Vancouver ADD support group, I hear a lot of stories.”

Most of the time, according to Quily, people will relate tales of how they couldn’t get diagnosed for ADHD in Vancouver, sometimes because he said doctors don’t know how to diagnose the condition or because they don’t believe it exists.

“Then this guy has got $3 million that he has been trying to give to these people, and when I heard that, I was extraordinarily angry, because, again, these were people that really needed diagnosis and treatment,” Quily added.

“To find out that they could have been getting that help…you know, right now there are not that many people in the Vancouver area who know how to diagnose and treat ADHD.”

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