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I’ve been quoted in an article on Women with Adult ADHD in More Magazine (the Canadian edition) in the Feb/March Issue p. 121-4 written by Zoe Kessler who has ADHD and talks about her and other women’s experience in living with Adult ADHD.

Title of the article is “Spinning Out Of Control. What happens when the A in ADHD stands for Adult? Finally a Guide for Grown-ups.” is also here too.

People will say they’re addicted to crack, heroin, gambling, sex, but they don’t want to say they’ve got an inherited neurobiological condition like ADD says Pete Quily, an adult ADHD coach in Vancouver and himself diagnosed with the condition.

According to Quily and others, this kind of crash often coincides with one of life’s rites of passage, particularly marriage and having kids. Suddenly, Quily explains, You have to organize not just yourself, but them too

Stress, according to Quily, is like adding fuel to ADHD symptoms.

Detailed, boring stuff is like kryptonite for people with ADHD, says Quily.

“If you’re the hyperactive type, advises Quily, find a place that values your ability to multi-task without breaking a sweat.

Support groups are few and far between, support groups can nonetheless provide invaluable peer support.

Check out my list of  Canadian, US and International ADHD support groups to find a support group near you, or learn how to start your own ADHD support group in your community.

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