ADHD Accommodations And Study Tips For College And University Students

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ADHD students are more likely to drop out of high school, they have lower entrance rates of post secondary education. They have higher drop out rates from post secondary education.

So learning how to teach ADHD students at the post secondary education level is important both for increasing their rates of graduation and helping their overall life futures.

If you’re finding some degree of success at school, you’ll likely be less stressed, (stress is like gasoline on ADHD symptoms) and have less or less severe ADHD related co-morbid conditions like dysthymia, depression and anxiety disorders and less likely to self medicate excessively with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, or internet gaming, social media etc.

Hint to teachers, if a child has ADHD, remember, ADHD is the number 2 genetically inherited condition. 80% genetic.

So it’s important the parents get screened for ADHD too, if not for themselves, then for the benefit of their ADHD child.

If the mother or father or both are in denial or minimization about their ADHD, (which may often look different than the child’s ADHD) they will often be in denial or minimization about their child’s ADHD.

Which creates worse outcomes at school and home, and it’ll be harder for you to teach them.

Let alone the higher divorce rates. Which will often create even worse outcomes for them and make it even harder for you to teach them.

Here’s a 5 minute Harvard Adult ADHD Screening Test, and 10 ways to manage adult ADHD.

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ADHD Accommodations and Support In College And University.

By Keath Low at Lists different accommodations for ADHD students at college.


11 Tips for Succeeding in College When You Have ADHD

From Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D, a national certified counselor and licensed mental health counselor and author of Making the Grade with ADD: A Student’s Guide to Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorder.


Alternative Testing Guidelines

From Michigan State University. Covers tools for testing accommodations, testing formats, testing accommodations and solutions for supervising exams. 


Resources For University Students with ADHD. 

From Queens University.

Getting Started

Staying Focused and Sticking with It

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Managing Time

Lectures and Note-taking


Instructional Strategies for ADHD Students at University.

By the University of Illinois. Lists 16 different strategies professors can use to help ADHD university students.


Multiple Ways That Time Challenged ADHD University Students Can Manage Their Time. PDF

Great PDF by Queens University on time management for University students with ADHD. Covers many different aspects of time management in an ADHD friendly and practical way. I.e.,

Make the items specific tasks

Vague: “Study Biology”

Specific: Read Biology Chapter 4 and complete chapter review questions 1-20


10 Ways To Achieve Success For University Or College Students With ADHD

By CADDAC, Center for ADHD Advocacy. ADHD students have higher College / University drop out rates. Here are 10 ways to reduce that.


ADHD Documentation For Students Requesting Accommodations At The Postsecondary Level Update On Standards And Diagnostic Concerns

“By Allyson G. Harrison, PhD for The Canadian Family Physician. This detailed peer reviewed article is designed to update primary health care providers on the guidelines and standards for documentation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the postsecondary level.

Also covers what is needed by postsecondary disability service providers?

QUALITY OF EVIDENCE We synthesized information from consultations with other experts at postsecondary disability offices and from relevant research in this area (specifically, PsycLIT, PsychINFO, and MEDLINE databases were searched for systematic reviews and meta-analyses from January 1990 to June 2009). Most evidence included was level III.”

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