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As ADDers, our built in internal clocks don’t work so well out of the box. So we need to use external clocks as reminders, until/if we develop a better internal sense of time. One aspect of ADHD management is to find technological solutions to help you manage your ADHD by helping your forgetful ADHD brain remember things, organize things and complete things.

This is not meant to be an exaustive list of every type of software, rather it’s designed to show some possible categories and examples.

Keep in mind, you have ADHD. Have some realistic expectations on how long you will use a system for based on reality vs delusional reality.

We ADDers get bored easily, so you want to have a list of other programs to try when you start getting bored and are ignoring your current program. Ask yourself, do I need to adapt or adjust how I’m using this program or do I need scrap the system I’m using export the data and try a new program that will give me more dopamine?

Online Based generally cross platform, i.e., (Mac/Win)

Online SMS (text messaging reminders).
Online Email Reminder Services.
Online Day Planners regular and GTD (Getting Things Done) type
Online Email Add Ons: MailSuite  or AirMail for Mac Mail,  ActiveInBox for Gmail
Online Task Reminders: Remember the Milk, Things (GTD)
Goal Tracking Software: Joe’s Goals, Goals On Track, LifeTick, Habitica, Toodledo (has a habit section)
Web Based Project Management Software. Home Projects or Business ones: Get Flow,  Asana,  Basecamp, Omnifocus (Mac Only), Trello, Wikis, TiddlyWiki, (a reusable non-linear personal web notebook).


Computer Based

Reminders: FollowUpThen, Apple’s Free Reminder program
Alarms Stopwatches: I.e., I’ll only stay online for 10 minutes:)  Pester,  (Mac)
Outliner/Mindmap Software for wrangling your divergent ideas into a convergent plan, OmniOutliner (Mac) ConceptDraw Mindmap (Mac/Win)
Project Management Software: Omniplan (Mac) ConceptDraw Project (Mac/Win)
Wake Up Devices for Internet Addicts: Timeout, Flextime,


External Devices

Physical Timers: The best $20 I spent was on a Radio Shack timer. I now have 2. Put them far away from your desk.
Alarm Clocks: Zen Alarm Clock, Progression Wake Up ClockTop Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks
Cell Phone Alarms.
Watch Alarms: regular digital or digital/analog watches like Casio’s, watches with operating systems like Apple Watch, Fitbit, WearOS by Google

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