Manage ADHD At Work

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ADHD can really effect us in the workplace, both negatively AND positively whether we are the owner, a boss or an employee. In some cases, we’re all three:)

There are many of us ADHD entrepreneurs out there because many of us are allergic to bosses:) That’s why learning how ADHD affects you at work or in your business and finding ADHD management techniques that work for your unique ADHD in your specific job and workplace environment is so crucial.

We ADDers are have higher rates of un or under employment and sometimes an ADDer needs to be on their 20th job or their 3rd spouse before they’re willing to get out of denial/minimization/believe the myths and stigma on ADHD/ don’t know ADHD, and seek an ADHD diagnosis.

Here are some articles on ADHD at work.

If you click on the books and buy them from Amazon, I earn a small fee from your purchase. Thanks.


ADD at Work NY Times

Talks about how ADD impacts people at work and discusses ADHD coaching, medication etc.


ADHD Entrepreners and other Entrepreneurs With Mental Health Conditions Who’ve Been Successful

BC Business Magazine article that I’m quoted in profiling sucessful ADHD entrepreneurs.


ADHD in the Workplace

Talks about accommodations in the workplace in the US for people with ADD.


A Simple Guide to Working / Learning From Home: How to Adjust.

From the great video blog How To ADHD. Covers these areas:


Transition Time


Connection with others



Communication Skills for Adults with ADHD

What does everyone else know that I don’t? Social Skills for Adults with ADD. By Michele Novotni. Great book. I use it a lot with my ADHD coaching clients. Covers:

Verbal Communication Skills
Nonverbal Communication Skills
Communication Roadblocks
Organizational Skills, Trustworthiness


Dealing with Emotions

Why do ADHD adults have stronger emotions / ride the emotional roller coaster more than others?
Ways to Develop Self-Awareness (have to be in a calmer state to achieve this)

Effective Ways to Deal with Strong Emotions


ADHD in the Workplace

From CADDAC. Covers your ADHD in the workplace, ADHD workplace accommodations and strategies, the right career for you and your ADHD, ADHD and the human rights commission and ADHD at work: a guide for employers.


How Adults With ADHD Can Manage Distractions

Why are ADHD Adults More Likely To Get Distracted?
How To Think About Distractions
General Ways to Reduce Distractibility:
Situational Things to Help Reduce Distractibility
Practical Next Steps to Better Manage Distractions


How To Listen More Effectively

Benefits of listening more effectively
Costs of not listening effectively
Barriers to listening effectively
Feelings affect listening
Listening is not the same as hearing
What makes listening better? Verbal and Non Verbal tactics


How to Optimize the Performance of Employees with Adult ADHD in the workplace

Great article in Graziado Business Review with specific work related ADHD problems and accommodations to manage them more effectively


How to Prioritize

What are your most and least favorite ways to prioritize?
What is the cost of not prioritizing effectively?
Benefits of prioritizing effectively
What are ways of prioritizing?
What helps you to prioritize?


Impulsivity. How ADHD Adults Can Manage It

Why are ADHD adults more impulsive than non ADDers?
What increases the chances of you acting / talking impulsively?
What reduces our chances of speaking or acting impulsively?
Pick an area where you have an impulsivity problem and create a plan


Legal Rights in Higher Education and the Workplace

For Americans. “This information and resource sheet will:

Explain how the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (RA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities

Describe the documentation required to afford individuals with protection under RA or ADA
Explain how RA and ADA apply to higher education and the workplace”


Making ADD-Friendly Career Choices

By Career Counsellor Wilma R. Fellman, M.Ed., LPC. What are the best careers for an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder? What are the best careers for an adult with blue eyes? Very good article.


Managing Procrastination

Questions on procrastination
What do you say to yourself?
Successes with procrastination
Problems with procrastination
What worked?


Projects How ADHD Adults Can Manage And Complete Them

We ADDers are famous for starting things and not finishing them, leaving projects abandoned in many places.

Why do ADHD adults have problems completing projects? Possible obstacles?
What strategies might help in completing projects? Solving obstacles?
Part of solving a problem.
Group Discussion Plan of How to Complete Your Own Incomplete Project


The ADHD Entrepreneur

“The majority of business owners exhibit ADHD characteristics”. Great comparison article.


The Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights for You

Dale S. Brown. Learning A Living, A Guide for Planning Your Career and Finding A Job for People with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia. Woodbine House 2000 Chapter 12


Time Management for ADHD. How To Manage Yourself Around Time

Dozens of posts on time management for ADHD adults on my first blog, Adult ADD Strengths.


To Do Lists vs Realistic To Do Lists

Many people with ADHD often have unrealistic expectations of what they can actually do in a day, delusional optimism vs pragmatic optimism.

Here are some reality filters you might want to use to make your work or personal to do lists more doable

I use these reality filters with all of my adult ADHD coaching clients.


Trouble With Transitions. Starting Things, Stopping Them And Switching Gears

Why do ADDers have more trouble starting somethings?
How to deal with problems starting things
Why do ADDers have more trouble starting somethings?
How to deal with problems switching tasks
Trouble switching out of hyperfocus
How to deal with stopping tasks
Create a plan for something that you have trouble starting, stopping, or switching


Secrets of Job Success for ADDers

Job guru Wilma Fellman explains how ADDers can find happiness and success on the job


Where Focus, Fatigue, And Fidgeting Meet

Six strategies for distractible ADHD adults to boost them focus better


Top Ten ADD Traps in the Workplace, and how to avoid getting caught by them!

By Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. Author of ADD in the Workplace. Great article lists the common traps and methods of dealing with them.


Want to learn how to manage your ADHD more effectively at work?

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