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While we Adult ADHD Coaches work over the phone and can coach you from anywhere, you need to meet Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists in person.

ADHD Support Groups can be useful to find those local people to diagnose ADHD and prescribe ADHD medication or do cognitive behavioural therapy for ADHD or deal with co-morbid conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.

They’re also useful for meeting and connecting with your fellow ADHD adults or parents of ADHD kids live in person, whom you don’t have to explain what ADHD is or justify why ADHD a legitimate condition vs a space alien, lizard people and big pharma conspiracy:)

You can also learn about how to manage ADHD, and finding local ADHD resources.

Here are some resources to help you find your closest ADD support group, or if there’s none near you, to start one.


Canadian ADHD Support Groups

Listed by province and territory


Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

I started this group in 2003 and still lead it.

Adult ADHD Issues

And how to deal with those issues. Practical ideas from the members of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group on specific issues we ADDers have.

Like acceptance, time management, realistic to-do lists, how to recognize, feel and manage emotions, how to increase follow through etc


US ADHD Support Groups List


International ADHD Support Groups List


How To Start And Run Support Groups.

6 pages of links to help you start your own support group, everything from one pagers to full manuals.


If you’d like some help in learning the skills to manage the practical daily problems of having Adult ADHD more effectively, check out the benefits of Adult ADHD Coaching over the phone to see how I might be useful for you.

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