Results My Clients Get. Pete Quily’s ADHD Coaching Client Testimonials

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I’ve been helping hundreds of people like me, adults with ADHD via ADHD Coaching over the phone since 2003. Here is what my adult ADHD coaching clients say they got from my coaching. Learn more about what I do here.


As an ADHD entrepreneur, I’ve enlisted the help of Pete Quily for the last few years to help me with my ADHD knowledge and management while starting up my business.  

Pete’s deep knowledge of ADHD, Sales, and business management has helped me navigate the gauntlet of challenges associated with being an ADHD entrepreneur.  

His knowledge has helped me see things about my behaviours that I might not have recognized and find opportunities that I may have not seen.  

I continue to use principles taught by him to limit unnecessary complexity and also to communicate better with my clients by focusing on the benefits I can provide them, all while tying up loose ends and finding time for rest and personal reflection.  

Pete has also made me aware of the many tools available for business and startup management and evaluate whether or not to employ them.  

As an ADHD entrepreneur, there are many blind spots that without an objective third-party coach, would have remained blind spots.  

Even though Pete did not have direct experience in my industry, his knowledge of the basics, including sales, customer relationship management, and clear product and marketing communications was extremely applicable.  

I now see coaching as one of the essential investments every entrepreneur should make, and especially the ones with ADHD and there are a lot of us.  

If you are searching for a dynamic, flexible coach with great listening skills, an eye (or ear) for the details, and who is a successful entrepreneur himself, Pete is your guy. 

Eric, Age 41, Manitoba, Canada.

“Pete helped me move from barely getting through my work day to more effectively planning my passion projects in the time I have available.

I’m a femme presenting non-binary person with big goals who was diagnosed with ADHD at 36.

I want to be more effective at my job, but my main interest is to be able to plan a comedy podcast and workshops, manage the budget as well as learn systems to keep many projects in order.

Talking things out with Pete was very helpful but not in the way I thought it would be.

I had imagined that he would tell me some secret organizing tricks and I would be off to the races.

Instead, I found that he waited patiently while I listed a wild amount of goals and to dos each week and he didn’t judge me as I slowly realized at our weekly check ins that I was deluding myself with the amount of work I could actually do in a week.

This part of the process was frustrating for me as I didn’t want to admit that I have limitations and boundaries.

Pete listened with compassion as I struggled to reframe my idea of myself as a person with ADHD and gently coached me towards acceptance. (I was also going to therapy at this time which helped as well).

The acceptance of what it means to have ADHD and the tips and workarounds that Pete provides are helpful in honestly moving forward with your life and parking the shame that can get in the way of achievements and enjoyment.

Pete provides a sounding board and lots of practical tips on how to break tasks down so that you are more likely to do them (even if they are back taxes).

He has been advocating for folks with ADHD since I was in high school and has a wealth of knowledge.

I recommend Pete as a coach to help you work towards making the ideas in your head happen in real life.”

Em Cooper

“What benefits I got out of coaching:

Better understanding my adult diagnosis of ADHD

Personalized approach for my own things to work on as well as a variety of resources for reference

Improving my productivity at work and home

Finding a better work/life balance”



“I interviewed four coaches before going with Pete.  He stood out from some other three very accomplished coaches with his clear communication style and clear demonstration of how coaching could help me and made the decision to choose him as my coach easier than expected.

Since hiring Pete as my coach, my life has improved on multiple levels starting with the very first call, and the best thing about it is that I made the improvements in my life, not Pete.

Pete insisted that I define my own goals, and that he was there to help me achieve them.  He allowed me to steer the process but was quick to jump in when he sensed that things weren’t going right.

Pete’s coaching style is distinctly ADHD friendly, where he defines important boundaries and structure, but always leaves room for interesting new thoughts and ideas.  Pete always focused on gathering a better understanding what was holding me back and what was working, and then helped me directly use this new knowledge to create straightforward action plans to work on.

As a result of my coaching sessions with Pete, my confidence is higher, I have a new outlook on my challenges with ADHD, and I am now a strong believer in the power of coaching.

After working with Pete, I will never think about coaching in the same way again.  Pete demonstrated to me that many people who call themselves coaches are not actually real coaches, and that true coaching goes far beyond the passing of knowledge from one person to another, it involves the coach aligning themselves with the client’s purpose and unique abilities to solve challenges, remove barriers and capitalize on strengths.

I was always amazed at how Pete, who has ADHD himself, was able to listen so intently, analyze so thoughtfully and communicate so effectively each call I had with him, while always demonstrating non-judgement.

I’m convinced that it is due to Pete’s professionalism and coaching skill that has allowed me to make so many gains in such a short amount of time.

I would absolutely recommend Pete to anybody that is seeking coaching on ADHD.  I would also strongly insist that anyone who experiences challenges with ADHD but has not tried coaching, that you try it right away.

When seeking out a coach it’s hard to go wrong with someone like Pete with such experience and skill and while it was seldom talked about, his work in the ADHD community to destigmatize the condition is truly inspiring.”

Eric Busch
Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Staying consistent with projects has been my biggest personal and professional struggle.  After working with Pete for 6 months, I’m finding that I’m sticking with projects over long periods of time, where before I would get excited about a project and move on.

In our calls, we simply have discussions about what is arising in life.  Having someone with a wealth of experience to speak with and bounce ideas off is invaluable.  Pete’s experience shines through – he never gives you a pre-cooked formula or response.

Through discussion and experimentation, you find what works for you in the situation you’re working on.  You find strategies that work in your life – not trying to implement brute force or any kind of method.  It’s centred around logic and compassion.

I recommend coaching for anyone, ADHD or not, looking to improve their personal or professional life.”



“The highest compliment I can think of is what happened when I paused coaching in order to save for another goal. My boyfriend immediately frowned and said that he was a little sad to hear it; coaching had been such a good thing.

Not only did I learn tools like the Experiment Log that I still use, but I slowly started to accept behaviours that I never liked but couldn’t shake.

They weren’t as harmful as I had always thought, and accepting them as part of having ADHD made me calmer than I expected it to.

Thank you, Coach! I look forward to working with you again. :)”



“Pete is an excellent ADD Coach! Back in 2009, I was lost. My job had given me a warning about my lack of attention to detail, my marriage was a mess and I had two little kids. I could not seem to get my act together. I needed help, and Pete was the perfect coach.

I would present problems I was having or things I felt I needed to address, and Pete would push me to come up with ways to deal with the issues.

Whether it was dealing with people, (as I am rather introverted), or time management, or home life issues, Pete was able to point me in the right direction to come up with ways to address the issue. Not every idea worked, and I had to re-address issues and come up with different ways to deal with them, but I learned something out of every attempt.

Not only did I learn how to address specific issues, but I learned methods for addressing issues in the future when Pete was not around.

Pete never pushed his ideas. He made me come up with my own so that I owned it. He would help kick start me when I got stuck and ask questions to make me think about different aspects, but never instilled his personal bias. He did make sure that the session was spent on my ADD issues though.

There were days when I did not feel like dealing with anything, and I would try to divert the discussion into something not related to my issues, but Pete would always gently bring me back on track and I felt like I got something out of every session.

Life is really good for me now. Both of my kids are in college and I have a great relationship with them. My career as a mechanical engineer is going great. And my ability to function in a relationship is better than it has ever been.

My ADD is under control. I could not eliminate medication completely, but Pete’s coaching allowed me to minimize my dependency on medication and focus on myself and life. I still use the techniques Pete and I came up with during our discussions and I use many of Pete’s techniques for solving new problems in life. Thank you Pete!

Louis Zizza


Pete is awesome. There is so much value in each 30-minute session because no time is wasted, he asks all the right questions, and he is realistic.

After every session, I feel more motivated, less stressed; more empowered, less discouraged. I used to be chronically late, forget appointments, make silly mistakes at work, and just don’t know what to do.

I still have my challenges but now I know how to deal with them with confidence without being too hard on myself. I think I came a long way compared to where I was at a few months ago, and it’s thanks to Pete.



“Coaching has been one of the best decisions I could have made! I have been working with Pete over the last year and we have accomplished so much, in such a short time. When I began coaching, I had only known I had ADHD for a few years and I had not been managing my life very well.

My relationships were strained, my life was disorganized and I was having very difficult coping issues with my circumstances.

The coaching experience helped me to get serious about ADHD and to get curious! Pete has helped me with consistent practices which have helped with everyday organization, dealing with stress levels, improving social skills and maintaining positive relationships.

With every success, I am starting to see more and more how ADHD is not a negative disease, but something that can be very positive.

I highly recommend the coaching process, it can be very effective, if you put the work in, and Pete is a great resource to help you reach your goals.”



Pete is a great Coach. Cannot say enough. Anyone can contact me for a full recommendation.

I’m advocating for Ontario’s Legal Aid to provide services of expert coaches like Pete for our client’s benefit. Family and Child Protection Law cases are very stressful and I see at least 3 situations where expert coaching can really benefit our clients.

One is to help the client organize themselves, so they can help their lawyer prepare their case.

Another is the Coach can help the Parents work on weak spots in their parenting. The way Pete works with people is to motivate, inspire so they build “up”.

Last but not least, Pete keeps up on health issues. I can imagine how much better our clients would function with just a little coaching each week.

One hour a week for the first 12 weeks may reduce stress, help clients focus, improve their parenting and inter-parental communications. This can lead to less litigation.

I invite other advocates to request Legal Services facilitators like Legal Aid in their area to fund expert ADHD Coaches for our Family Law and Child Protection clients.

Kerry K Gearin, Family and Child Protection Lawyer 647-855-6477
Suite 5700 – 100 King Street West, 1st Canadian Place, Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7


“I am grateful for the progress I have made thanks to this coaching.

In three months I have managed to accomplish almost every goal that I set out for myself when I started my work with Pete. The things I haven’t accomplished yet, I am on my way to accomplishing.

I think the most important thing is that I feel differently about myself now. I am no longer harried, beating myself up continuously for the things that I forget or the many small “oops” moments in my life.

I no longer think of it as catastrophic when I lose something or forget something important. I realize that this is how my brain is, I have a workable system in place to cope with the setbacks, and it’s not the end of the world when something goes wrong.”



From the deepest inner pain to the most practical everyday work issues, Pete shows up as my coach, with his willingness to listen, his ability to hear me, to give me space, to find the clarity that I did not see myself, and to stay with it until I am in a place of the results that I did not even realize I wanted.

Pete recognizes when I am telling myself a story, even before I do.
His patience and perceptive skills coach me to the other side, to where it’s okay, and then to where it’s great.

The Universe has blessed me that he is my coach.



“Anatomy of A Trusting Relationship

– I was in pain, looking for help in my life and to make sense of my ADHD

– The Blog writer was very straightforward, and he seemed honestly to want to share what had worked in managing his ADHD

– The blog writer didn’t give a One Silver Bullet answer–which I don’t tend to trust.

– I got the distinct sense that his goal was to help people…to pay his learning forward, rather than to sell anything.

– He mentioned Pete, but I had to go find Pete and reach out to him

First impressions of Pete:

1) Favorable
2) Efficient
3) Had a process
4) Friendly enough, but not too friendly
5) Asked me really specific, pointed questions

– The questions on his questionnaire were smart, forced me to be introspective, and took the pressure off me with the structure. He set expectations on the phone call–firm but not overbearing, and gave me a chance to ask questions and feel comfortable.

– The structure and Pete’s upfront process and questionnaire made him seem “in control”, like he knew what he was doing, without being too rigid.

– On the phone, he seemed confident with a smooth and steady voice. This confidence helped me feel I could relax

– As an ADHD guy who runs a business, I was impressed with the design and the qualifying that happened by Pete’s questionnaire

– Pete set expectations at the beginning that I would be taking ownership and would have to do soul searching, and work at this for it to work

– I tell him before each call what I want to focus on. This gives me the feeling of being in control and that he trusts me to set the agenda. As a result, I buy in much more to his suggestions and ideas

How Pete has deepened the feeling of trust past a good first initial impression

1) He has gotten frustrated with me before, and he has been honest with me about that frustration

2) He is honest and sets boundaries with me in real-time (like not coaching my dad)

3) He doesn’t ask me for referrals for anything unless I open that door

4) He doesn’t tell me: “No don’t do that. He just says and underscores with his tone: “I would think really long and hard about this.”

5) I am convinced by the fruits of what I see: I feel happier, like my life is on a good path, my clarity of decision making has gotten better, my mistakes and constant apologies have gotten fewer, my awareness level has increased.

6) Instead of telling me what to do, he asks pointed questions (often rhetorical, that I can’t answer right away) that get at my heart

7) He makes a joke or laughs heartily — that helps break my tension or help me lovingly see how ridiculous I’m being

8) He is honest with me, so it is easy to be honest with him

9) He does what he says he’ll do. Good follow-through, so I don’t have to worry about that.

10) He remembers key insights like “your dad doesn’t strike me as someone who’d respond really well to criticism”

11) He often points out the problems if you take a good principle too far”



“I came to realize that I had ADD about a year and a half ago. I have known for a long time that I operated a little different from others, and certainly going back to my youth – I recall thinking, no – knowing – that I had some sort of learning disability. I also suffered from a few minor social missteps, which played badly on the teenage self-esteem.

But I was quiet, an average student, and not a trouble maker, so not much was thought of it. It wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I was confirmed as having ADD. And I had made it to this point having actually done pretty good for myself. At least on the surface.

When I told my doctor that I thought maybe I had ADD, her reply was I couldn’t have it… I held a successful job and was doing very well for myself (and she is actually a very good doctor in all other respects).

But the truth was, while professionally I was doing okay, at least on the surface, my personal life was the one that was taking the hardest hit. It soon became apparent that if something didn’t change, my marriage would be in jeopardy. It later became obvious that a lot of things were out of balance – but I had just (barely) managed to keep most of the balls in the air. So I ‘appeared’ okay.

As part of the process to manage this, I decided that I needed a coach to help me as I was learning more about having ADD. It was probably one of the greatest gifts that I gave myself – both professionally, but even more importantly, personally.

With the help of Pete Quily, I learned why I work the way I do. He helped to educate me on why my brain functions the way it does because of ADD, why I can be impulsive, why I love my sugar, hate mornings, and had a ‘time optimism’ that made my husband, and several others, just nuts. (and the list went on…)

Through my coaching with Pete, I gained insight into my behaviour and began to take control of my life back. He gave me achievable tasks to get me on the right track, encouragement, education, and a no nonsense approach to taking responsibility for myself.

My ADD is sometimes my greatest strength but left unmanaged, it can also be my greatest liability. I am now in a place where I feel much more in control of myself, and I am a happier, more balanced person. And my husband is a happier person too!

Coaching is an investment in ‘you’, and I would highly recommend Pete Quily for anyone with ADD. Or anyone who may need a coach (life stresses to work stresses to simply someone to help you get to the next level). He has helped make an enormous difference in my life.”

Alexis Whiting


“Anyone can lay out a plan and tell you to follow it, fewer can give you that “push” to help you find solutions to taking control of ADD, but Pete is different… because he LIVES with ADD, and he knows what works and what doesn’t via first-hand living, and miles of proven methodical research he has to support it!

Regardless of your occupation, gender or age, Pete has the tools to work with you and help you truly succeed in reducing the chaos that ADD’ers are prone to. I am gratefully living with the improvements Pete has coached me towards: improved time management at work and my personal life, better organization of daily tasks which included improved handling of household bills ( I used to despise dealing with them), and he explains the phenomenon of ADD in terms that anyone can understand.

After you meet with Pete, you will see the human side of ADD, and the reassurance that you are not alone in your fight with this condition.

Contact Pete today, and get the ball rolling…there IS improved living with ADD !!! I plead to you to not deny yourself that chance any longer and let Pete show you the life that can be realized.

It’s well worth the consultation and the investment – it changed my life for the better, and it will do the same for you too. Thank you again for your humanity and understanding, I now live without the fear that ADD had over me for years.”

Liam M.


“Major transitions in life can be difficult to navigate alone – but when you add ADHD into the mix it can really complicate things. I had finished school and was looking for a meaningful career, but unfortunately the “how” was the remaining, missing the last piece of the puzzle.

After months of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere trying to figure it out on my own, I knew it was time for outside help.

After weighing my options against more generalized life coaches, I decided having a coach who understood and appreciated the specific challenges that come with ADHD would be the smarter decision. From there, it was as easy as emailing Pete and setting up that first appointment.

After Pete helped me define what I wanted from our coaching relationship, his tailored guidance, practical advice, and encouragement helped me get “unstuck” and well on my way to not only a meaningful career – but also a more meaningful life.

It’s for that reason, I wholeheartedly recommend ADHD coaching. It takes work, but if you’re committed, the return on your time and money might make it the smartest investment you’ll ever make.”



“I am so thankful that I found Pete Quily. He has been my ADHD coach for the last 5 months, and my life has taken a turn for the much better.

Thanks to his deep understanding of ADHD and his understated communication style, I feel like I have regained a strong sense of inner trust and self-reliance, and I am learning to live up to my potential on a daily basis.”

S. L.


“Pete Quily is an excellent coach with fantastic communication skills. He is a compassionate listener and an assertive communicator.

I’ve struggled with ADD for years and I found Pete to be far more helpful than anything else I have tried including a wide variety of medications.

He has a broad holistic approach that includes conventional as well as alternative strategies. Pete uses a combination of solid medical research that is well tempered with experience, intuition and kindness.

I have always believed that medication should be used only as a last line of defense for treating ADD and I strongly recommend using Pete as a first line of defense in conjunction with exercise and diet.”

S. G.


“I may never be able to properly express my thankfulness to you. You have helped me understand myself and my brain. I have learned so much about brain wiring and how to manage my understimulated brain. I believe I have grown since our first call.

I feel so much more confident in my day to day activities. My family has seen a change and my wife is less frustrated with me. I owe that to you, and I appreciate your insights in my life. I now have a foundation to work from and I know now where to go for resources as I grow and understand myself.

Coaching has helped me to understand myself and how to interact with the world around me. It is amazing how a few short sessions could raise my self-esteem and give me the confidence I need to deal with the struggles life brings.

ADD is now a part of my life, not the secret shame I believed it to be. I now proudly embrace ADD and actively learn new ways to balance my brain’s wiring and my surroundings.

I would encourage anyone who is struggling with ADD to get a coach and learn to live with ADD. ADD makes me who I am, and I would not trade it for anything.

I daily better understand why I do what I do, why I act the way I act, and how to manage the shortfalls and expand the positives that ADD offers. ADD is part of my life, it is not my whole life.

Thank you for helping me grow, I appreciate your time and your insight.”



“Pete worked with me to help me harness the advantages of having ADHD while keeping the disadvantages at bay. He was exceptional at patiently listening to what I had to say. In addition, his coaching taught me how to deal with the inflow of information that seems to always beckons those with a mind with ADHD.

Before receiving Pete’s coaching, I had difficulty tuning out and concentrating on one task at a time. In addition, Pete encouraged me whenever I felt that I was hitting a wall, and taught me several strategies to keep my mind at its best in a very stressful work environment, where quality and speed were of the utmost importance.

Once I started implementing his strategies, the differences were felt instantaneously.

I’d recommend Pete’s coaching to those with ADHD, and to those without it, without any hesitation.”



“During my time with working with Pete, I have made a number of improvements in my work and my overall lifestyle. The result of the changes is that my stress is reduced and my overall satisfaction with life has been enhanced.

Pete has helped me identify specific strategies that work well for me to be more successful in my approach with daily situations. I would recommend that people who are struggling with the symptoms of ADD – have someone like Pete work with them to make life easier and more fun. Having more success has naturally made my life more rewarding.”

Cheryl J.
VP. of Human Resources


“Pete is simply an outstanding coach. I left each of our calls encouraged and challenged for the next week. He has a keen ability to listen, an intuitive sense for knowing just what question to ask, and a way of getting you to talk about important issues without making it seem like a big deal.

I especially admire how Pete took my complicated situations or explanations and turned them into solvable problems. Anyone, but especially creative individuals, ought to be able to benefit directly from Pete’s coaching.”

Dave Lloyd


“Sure I’d still be in my PJ’s at home, making tons of lists and not getting anywhere. Pete was amazing in how he helped me deal with my ADD and knows how to break down goals I’ve always wanted to achieve but could never follow through on them. He really was like a coach, being specific with what and when I would do specific things so there was no way for me get dizzy and

He helped quiet the noise in my head and help me have the best year of my life where literally ALL my big dreams came true by consistently working at them and learning how self-care is not a luxury but a necessity for ADDers.

The regular meetings were also great because they forced me (in a good way) to accomplish what I needed to do and get organized.

Pete was positive and had tons of creative ideas of how to help me find motivation and help avoid “solutions” that spell failure for ADDers. I highly recommend him.”

Fiorella G.


“I derive great value from the insight and suggestions of my life coach, Pete Quily. The money I pay is well worth it. Working with him has helped me align my life and get my business seriously on track.

Pete is very knowledgeable about the Internet, blogging and social networking. It was easy to contact Pete; I found his website, contacted him, did a 1/2 hour meeting and knew I wanted him to be my life coach!

I am realizing my full potential. Something I’ve always dreamed of but never seemed able to achieve.

Pete has not given me strength but helped me find it within myself. I was able to realize and experience true productivity. Being busy isn’t the same as getting the important things done and Pete will have you face yourself, which for some people is just too hard.

Pete is intelligent, supportive, firm and provides the type of structure I need to be successful in my daily life. Pete also has a great sense of humor and is knowledgeable about history and current events.

Lastly, Pete shows, through his actions, he is dedicated to your success. He has sent me many awesome links and recommended amazingly powerful books that have truly helped me move forward. Try Pete Quily for 6 months and if you’re really ready to improve your life, you will see results.

Pete is like the horse whisperer. There’s fear inside you and you’re avoiding certain things in your life; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of just not being good enough. You’ve had so many negative reinforcements to these beliefs that you no longer need anyone saying these things to you because you now put yourself down. All “what if’s” get squashed.

Pete makes it safe. Pete will ask you to describe the cliff. Okay, that’s scary. Then what would happen if you launch yourself off? Are you wearing the right equipment? What’s the worse that could happen?

And don’t forget the steps! Pete will help you break down, for yourself, the steps you towards your goal. The time span between thought and completed action grows smaller each month I work with Pete.

If you ever wondered how other people get stuff done and you feel like you’re drowning, ask Pete to be your life coach.”

Adria Richards


“Having Pete as an ADD/ADHD Coach is an excellent experience that I would highly recommend, especially for people with a background like myself (CLERGY / CHRISTIAN faith) who desire to be helpful to others but end up frustrating the very people they desire to help because of poor listening skills, forgetting appointments, constant disorganization, becoming defensive or argumentative when receiving feedback regarding the quality of work, etc.

However, after receiving the Coaching, I was able to implement better listening skills, developed better organizational skills (e.g., my desk at work is not cluttered as I write), significantly decrease the frequency of interrupting others and I have worked on becoming more respectful of others when receiving feedback instead of becoming defensive or argumentative (still have more work to do on this one).

Brian N.


“Pete is an ADD coach for the 21st century. Pete not only recognizes the classic mental and emotional traps us ADDers can fall into, he understands the additional challenges the Internet and information age create for those with ADD.

Pete is a really good guy who gives practical advice and life skills to deal with ADD. I have found the tools, software and resources that Pete recommended to be incredibly helpful.

As a telecommuting web-worker, I have found Pete’s coaching to be a great investment.”

Jason S.


“After learning that I have ADD, I signed up for weekly coaching sessions with Pete to focus on specific issues I’ve had since I was little. I wanted to learn skills and hear ideas that would help me help myself in the long run. And Pete is full of ideas! His approach is no-nonsense and direct, yet gentle.

He helped me to break things down into smaller, more manageable parts. He provided a framework to help me be honest about where my strengths and weaknesses truly are. I feel newly confident that I can manage life and manage life with ADD. =)



“Pete has been my personal life coach once a week and has given me some profound insights into habits that were compromising my personal and personal life. We came up with daily strategies, goals and commitments that have helped immensely.

Pete is articulate and very wise, and for someone that’s motivated and committed to change, Pete will come up with strategies to change old self-defeating behaviour, habits and ways of thinking that can help to lead a more positive, less stressful, and satisfying life.”



“I have had the opportunity to be coached by Pete Quily and would strongly recommend anyone considering this, proceed ahead immediately with Pete. After discovering that I was challenged with ADD, Pete’s coaching has been one of the ongoing parts of my life that has made a dramatic difference in learning how to deal with and overcome ADD.

Pete’s coaching also offers great life skills and would benefit anyone, whether they are challenged by ADD or not.”



“I really enjoyed your seminar. I felt like I belonged, the material seems very useful to me. I am starting some of those tips today. I of course wrote it in several places to not forget. Love the ideas file, it’s on my list of things to do.”



“Pete was a great help to me in dealing with my ADD related job challenges and helped me confront some personal issues that I feared but could not describe. I had to get through a job loss (that I realize now is what I wanted!) and he helped me understand that all wasn’t well at home either.

I feel I am now able to work through my challenges on my own. I have a roadmap and have been working through it, giving me great clarity.

I’m able to work through my weaknesses and emphasize my strengths on my own. I’m much more open-minded. I don’t feel alone anymore, even though I’m dealing with these things by myself.

I recommend to anyone with ADD, and even those who don’t have it, to work with Pete to develop a sober second point of view to bring calm objectivity to problems they might have in life and work. His approach is mature, pragmatic, realistic and fun. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I can ‘git it done’ now.”

Tim T.


“Pete’s coaching was excellent. He was positive and encouraging and his tips for coping with ADD and overcoming its negative attributes were very effective. An unexpected bonus was the breadth of his knowledge and suggestions in other areas as well.”

Kerry H.


“My life had been spiralling out of control for as long as I can remember, and no amount of counselling or psychology seemed to be able to put me on track; that is until I found Pete!!

Coaching with Pete has made all the difference to my life, he has helped me to find: the confidence I lacked, organization in my life, a job, a greater understanding of my ADHD and how to manage the negative aspects of this disorder as well as promoting the positive attributes it brings.

In no time I saw the results and benefits from my coaching sessions with Pete, I have gone from being depressed and unproductive in my life, to being successful and thrilled to be me!

I could never give enough accolades to attest to Pete’s abilities as a coach, but I can strongly say that I could not have accomplished what I have in the last 6 months of my life without him, and I know beyond a doubt that any future difficulties I face Pete will help me to manage and overcome them.”

Abigail H.


“After many bad events that happened in my life, I felt confused, depressed and discouraged. I took counselling, and it was really helpful in dealing with the past. But my present life was still a “mess”, so I tried life coaching with Pete.

After a couple of months’ sessions, I became noticeably successful in dealing with day-to-day situations, especially in my most problematic areas: getting organized and being assertive.”

Anita M.


“This has been really good. I’m very impressed with how you walk me through it and put me into action…clarifying and committing means I will do them. I think you have a good voice for coaching, a very comfortable voice and very articulate.

You speak well and ask lots of powerful questions. I.e., questions that aren’t complicated but are very deep kinds of questions. You really simplify things which means you’re getting to the clients level, not your level.”

Marilyn Feddersen


“At the end of the session you got me to commit to specific things; you made me flesh it out by asking how much exercise I would do and on what days.

It was an invitation, rather than you telling me what to do. This worked very well. You let me design my own program; you didn’t force your program on me. That worked for me. Having me plan my own rewards, something immediate, rather than waiting for long-term results was great!”

Deborah N.


“I want to send you a giant thank you from my heart for the coaching you gave me earlier this year!

I am sending you a photo taken of me with my father when I visited him this August. It was an incredible experience seeing him after 26 years of separation!

Your help gave me the confidence to accomplish something I doubted was possible. You also helped give me the clarity of thought and planning to prepare myself for what I would encounter in relating to someone with schizophrenia. I have gained tremendously from this experience.

I consider it’s value priceless, and I am truly grateful for the fact that it began with the simple encouragement of your coaching session.

I feel you have an amazing gift and I wish you all the best of continued success with your business!”

Elizabeth Lesztak


“When I started to work with Pete I lacked direction. I didn’t feel as though I was moving forward in my business….and in fact, I wasn’t. Pete helped me focus through his guidance and support. I was able to accomplish many tasks in short order, moving toward my goal. Thanks to Pete, I no longer wonder “What should I do next?”. I just do it!”

N Fraser


“In the 4 months since I’ve been working with Pete, I’ve had a chance to benefit from his expertise in a number of situations. As a coach Pete radiates calm & competence in everything he does.

As a group leader I’ve seen him get the best out of a room full of ADD people with other problems & send us down the road feeling better about ourselves (oh yes, did I mention that I have ADD & a symphony of learning differences that come out to play when I least expect them?)

Anyway, Pete has better access to more information on ADD than anyone I’ve ever run into & he knows how to help with issues without distracting too much with others.

More important than anything else, Pete is showing us that it is possible to build a successful business in a helping profession even with ADD.

I’d recommend Pete to coach anyone with ADD or learning differences, and I wish him every success.”

Paul Caspell


Here are some of the specific problems I help my adult ADHD coaching clients with.

Find out how I can help you learn how to manage your ADHD more effectively, with less stress, and reach your goals.

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