Adult ADHD Challenges

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While there are many positive of ADHD, there are also many problems or challenges of ADHD.

I have heard and experienced a wide variety of those ADHD challenges while helping my fellow ADHD adults deal with them on a daily basis since 2003 as an Adult ADHD coach, or starting and leading The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group since the same time, let alone my personal experiences living with ADHD.

Here are 26 challenges of Having Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, 4 ways to Deal with the Challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and 62 Specific examples of how to deal with the challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


26 Challenges of Having Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

There are many challenges of living with adult ADHD. Here are a few.

Blurting things out

Clutter-physical leading to mental and emotional




Emotional self-flagellation

Forgetting things

Getting lost


Hypersensitivity in relationships

Impatient, impulsive, distractive

Lacking attention/ wandering mind

Losing concentration during conversation

Losing things


Negative self-talk

Never finishes jobs

Often occupied with self or easily distracted so difficult to maintaining Concentration


Organizational problems

Over talkative



Time management


Unfocused, disorganized, forgetful

Want some practical help in dealing with customized solutions to these adult ADHD challenges? Have a look at some of the ADHD related problems I help my Adult ADHD coaching clients learn how to solve.


4 Ways to Deal with the Challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Four possible ways to deal with the negative aspects/challenges of ADD

1. Deal with the problems yourself

2. Delegate the problem

3. Ignore it AND fully be aware of AND own the consequences of ignoring it. I.e., don’t pay the electricity bill, learn to work by candlelight.

4. Partner with someone to assist you in dealing with the challenge. I.e. hire an Adult ADHD coach, therapist, professional organizer, friend, family member, work colleague etc.


62 Specific examples of how to deal with the challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Acupuncture (boosts dopamine among other benefits.

Analyze the situation

Ask for feedback

Be somewhat vigilant – try not to go overboard

Brain storming, being visual

Break down into tasks and schedule time

Calm down

Carry a map

Cheery things help.

Day timer – write down what needs to be done and when needs to be done

Double check directions

Emotional alchemy

Exercise always helps.

Give another reminder – on door, bed, and chair before going out

Go to course offered by Paul Talbot clear the clutter

Have a list

Have someone call to, remind me to go, or to say how long it takes to travel to a Place.

Have two garbage bags #1 keeping #2 not keeping start sorting!

Hire an adult ADHD coach

Hire a clutter consultants (delegate)

I need an assistant but not a pushy, driving type.

I need to stay calm to keep moving to get ready for appointments.

Invisible clock

Learning to listen to your wife

Leave early

Let people know the challenge and to try let them know what will help (not to Interrupt).

Let them know when you’ve lost your train of thought

Listen (don’t judge)

Listen (not wait to talk, truly listen)

Listen and make people feel they are heard (non-verbal communicator)

Listening, not judging, not getting bored

Make sure to turn off all other distractions.

Make a list of things to be done and when



Minimize distraction

Music helps.

Organize projects, plans, ideas

Organizing and removing clutter

Pause, check in with self before speaking

Plan conversation, topics during meeting

Plan out subjects/goal for conversation


Remove distractions

Schedule in rewards/fun

Schedule what you need to do and when you need to do it

Set clocks fast

Slow down

Start with one thing at a time

Stop, pause, breath, act.

Supplements also help; they’re natural and nutritional.

Talk about adhd so others can become better informed

Tell yourself to wait without interrupting

The invisible clock.


Tie string to hand


Try medication

Use day timer

Use rewards when getting goals

Using calendar and getting in habit of checking it regularly

Yoga classes

Want some help to put these ideas into a customized action plan that works for your unique ADHD brain?

Try a free 30- minute sample session of adult ADHD coaching with a coach who has helped hundreds of his fellow ADHD adults since 2003

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