Apps And Programs For ADHD Adults

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Topic: Apps and programs for ADHD adults at work and home to make life easier and more productive. See the other Adult ADHD Issues.

Facilitator: Pete Quily

Thanks to Amy for taking notes.

June 7th 2015 Meeting Notes for the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group


Here are some ADHD apps and programs the group members came up with that they use. Each ADDer is unique so some may work for you, some may not. Go and try a few and see if they work for you.

Remember, if you don’t schedule reminders to use them in the beginning to build a habit, you have ADHD are are easily distractible and forgetful eh?


Audit your reminders

Bodi Meditation. Centre in Richmond. App in the playstore

Colour Note


File Maker Pro – and get templates that do specific things for you, i.e., job hunt followup check lists, etc

Fit bit


G.T.D – Remember to use someday maybe lists. Not a program but a time management method by David Allen. Many to do list programs are based on this method.

Gamification What you do to programs to make them more interesting and challenging.

Gant Charts

Get Flow Project/task management system

Goal Tracker

Grid Diary


Internet Addiction wake up devices.

Mile bug Milage

Mind Maps

Mint Finance

MS Access

Office time time tracking


One Note

One Password

Overdrive app – works with library


Productivity Challenge – Pomodoro Technique

Remember the Milk

Rescue Time – tracks and blocks

Sleep Monitor: Sleep as Android



Have your own Reality Filters: Pick your own

Does this align with my strengths and values

Do I NEED to do this, this week – this day?

What is important to me? Working with people that take care of me.

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