Stress Management For ADHD Adults

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Topic: Stress Management for ADHD Adults. See the other Adult ADHD Issues.

Facilitator: Pete Quily

Thanks to Josh for taking the notes

January 3rd 2012 Meeting Notes for the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group

Book: “Taming Your Gremlin

Stress Is Like Gasoline On ADHD Symptoms. And many Adults with ADHD are chronically stressed. Learn to accept your ADHD and learn how to manage ADHD better and it will reduce your stress considerably.

Quick note about meeting:  Most of the answers to questions were given by the group, so certainly not a definitive list, was just a discussion.


Warm Up: What things do you do on a daily basis to reduce you general level of stress?


Effects of Stress on ADHD:


Decreased focus

Going blank

Guilt and shame


Lashing out

Low self-esteem

Memory problems


Same mistakes over

Self pity


Map out your stressors and how the stress cycle works for you.

1. View point

2. Daily practice

3. In the moment


Positive Aspects to Stress:

Can plan in advance for many things

Get stuff done/fuel

Helps you make decisions

Initiate thinking/activity

Makes you stronger

See the big picture (great in crisis)

Take action



Daily Practice to Reduce Stress Levels:

Acceptance: “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

ADHD medication (properly used)

Ask yourself often what you did well

Be grateful of what you have

Creative outlet

Differentiating between needs and wants (this will help your focus your planning and use of time)


Extrovert/introvert food (know if you are an extrovert or introvert and do things that feed your energy needs)

Good conversation



Planning a realistic to-do list (the day before)

Reduce the stress not numb it

Respect your energy levels

Yoga and meditation



How can I actually do them:

Be specific


Get curious

Regular breaks


Water and oxygen


Questions asked at end of session on your individualized plan to reduce needless stress in your life:

What will you do?

When will you do it?

How will you remember to do it?

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