Metro Vancouver Community Resources For ADHD Adults & Kids

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Topic: Community Resources for ADHD. What’s Out There? Examples.

I did a presentation on Community Resources for ADHD. What’s Out There? For CHADD Vancouver (now called The ADD Vancouver Support Group), on February 22nd, 2005.

Here’s a list of other local resources for people with ADHD that I and the participants at the meeting came up with. See other Vancouver BC area ADHD resources, and the other Adult ADHD Issues.

Resources for Adults

Find a good fit with your practitioner


Omega 3 oils

Ed Hallowell Delivered from Distraction new book

VPL Library

Odin books

Westcoast Children’s Resource Center


ADD Websites

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group


CHADD Vancouver (now called The ADD Vancouver Support Group)

Resources for Preschool to Grade 3

Karate Classes or other martial Arts

Aikido classes


Reward Systems

Music playing or listening to

Resources for Grade 4-7



Channel energy into other things ie art, exercise

Book “Is your Child’s Brain Starving?”


Resources for High School and Beyond

Advocate for yourself

Student Services at University or College

Career Counsellors

BC Center for Ability

Ministry of Human Resources

Books on Tape

Learning Disabilities Association of BC

Federal Govt. Opportunity Fund. Need to be referred by a case manager i.e., BC Center for Ability

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