Metro Vancouver BC Area Autism Support Groups

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These Metro Vancouver BC area ADHD related BC Autism support groups are provided as a public service. Adult ADHD Coach Pete Quily does not endorse or recommend any specific group.

The Autism Society of British Columbia

This group provides support and information to families with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.


3688 Cessna Drive
Richmond, British Columbia
V7B 1C7, Canada
Telephone:(604) 434-0880


Autism Support Network

“We hold educational presentations and parent support meetings throughout the lower mainland including our popular “Welcome to Autism”, “Effective ABA Teams” and “ABA in Schools” presentations.

Many of our meetings and events are based on community need so please check back regularly for updates!”


The Vancouver AUTISM Support Group

“The meetings we have are casual and easygoing you can leave whenever it is right for you

There is no need for any kind of formal recognition that you have AUTISM it is not required to become a member.

You must be able to safely attend events without an attendant, we give support to our peers, however, we are not caregivers our selves so cannot take care of others safety.”

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