Who Can Diagnosis ADHD In Metro Vancouver? List Of Doctors, Psychiatrists And Psychologists

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List of Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists That Have Been Known to Diagnose & Treat the Symptoms of ADHD in the Metro Vancouver BC Area. 

I have been sending this list out thousands of times, since 2003. In the third biggest city in Canada.

Hopefully one day, ADHD adults and their families will finally decide to demand BCNDP & BC Liberals and BC Greens MLA’s and the BC medical establishment will stop discriminating against us and make it mandatory doctors and psychiatrists in BC be properly trained on ADHD in adults and kids vs the current negligence and misdiagnosis.

If you don’t care enough to complain, who will?

28% Of Referrals To A Mood & Anxiety Clinic Had Undiagnosed ADHD Study

A common complaint I hear from local adults with ADD / ADHD is that it’s hard to find someone who in familiar enough about ADHD to be able to diagnose the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Also, it’s even harder to find someone that uses medication or therapy as treatment for ADHD. Often those that are familiar enough only deal with children and adolescents, and do not diagnose or treat adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

As an Adult ADHD coach, I can help adults with ADHD develop self awareness around ADHD and learn the practical day to day skills of managing ADHD at work or at home.

But I don’t diagnose ADHD, or treat the co-existing conditions that ADHD adults often have, i.e., depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar, addictions, learning disabilities, eating disorders, etc.

I need to refer them to medical professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists that know those conditions AND ADHD. And there’s not enough of them around. Many have told me they had no training on ADHD.

ADHD is the #2 Genetically Inherited Condition after Height. If a Child Has it, the Parents Should be Screened for it.

I’ve compiled a list of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in the Vancouver, BC area who have been known to diagnose and/or treat the symptoms of attention deficit disorder with medication and/or therapy.

This list has been compiled from the members of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group, ADD Vancouver Support Group, and other sources. Doctors and psychiatrists can prescribe ADHD medication while psychologists can not.

This list is NOT a recommendation or referral of providers. Please do your due diligence. It is merely a list of some people who are known to have diagnosed and/or treated people with ADD.

As with coaching or any other profession, someone that may be great for someone else may not be great for you. Make sure you’re comfortable with the person you choose. Ask the questions you need to ask. Don’t be shy, they’re there to help you, not the other way around.

Click the link below to request the list

If your browser doesn’t have javascript enabled, then email pete AT addcoach4u DOT com and put “Please email me a list of people that diagnose and treat ADD in the Vancouver area” in the subject line

If you know of any doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in the Vancouver region that are able to diagnose the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivty disorder in adults or children or who is knowledgeable enough to medically or psychologically treat people with ADHD, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

If you do have ADHD and you do want one on one personalized help in dealing with the practical day to aspects of living with ADHD at work and at home, you might to look at what the ADHD experts say about Adult ADHD coaching.



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