How To Run Support Groups

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There are many ways to run ADHD Support Groups. Check out how other run ADHD and other support groups to get ideas on how you would like to run yours.


Advice for Parents Wanting to Start an ADHD Parent Support Group

Lessons from Greensboro, NC ADHD Parent ADHD support group

On how to start one, community resources to support the ADHD support groups focus of the support group, and surveying parents for topic interests.


Creating and Facilitating Peer Support Groups

By the Community Toolbox. Answers these questions:

What are peer support groups?
Why create and facilitate a peer support group?
Who can be served by peer support groups?
How do you create a peer support group?
How do you facilitate a peer support group?


Confidentiality in Self-Help Support Groups PDF

Talks about what it is, why it’s important, and what your group needs to do about confidentiality.


Self-Help in Rural Communities: Similarities and Differences PDF

Talks about the unique needs of rural self help support groups.

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