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Like the idea of ADHD Support Groups and want to start your own as an ADHD coach or a therapist or doctor? Or just want to understand more about support groups?

Here are some articles for professional on understanding support groups, not ADHD specific.

Tips for the Helping Professional: Exploring your role in the world of self-help PDF

Gives 10 useful tips for helping professionals in dealing with support groups.


Peer and Professional Roles in Peer Support

From PeerNetBC. Great detailed tips on how peers work with professionals and how professionals work with peers in the context of support groups.


A Review Of Research On The Effectiveness Of Self-Help Mutual Aid Groups.

By Elaina M. Kyrouz, Ph.D. and Keith Humphreys, Ph.D. Veterans Affairs Health Care System and Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California. Very comprehensive list by category (mental health, addiction-related recovery bereavement, cancer, and chronic illnesses, caregivers, diabetes, elderly, and weight loss) with brief summaries.

“We focus here primarily on studies that compared self-help participants to non-participants, and/or gathered information on multiple occasions over time (that is, “longitudinal” studies).”


The Structure of Social Exchange in Self-Help Support Groups: Development of a Measure.

This paper examines the different types of social exchange behaviors that occur during meetings, using two studies to develop empirically distinct scales that reliably measure theoretically important types of exchange.

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